Inside Scott’s Box 2: Who do casuals/non-fans mark for?

Here’s a cool question from a fella who didn’t sign his name in a question, so I’m going to refer to him as Jeorge. 

Hey, (Insert traditional ego-stroking here)

In your personal experience, who are some of the
wrestlers the uber-casual fans you know mark for?  I’m talking people
who only watch wrestling when you’re watching wrestling.  And what
reasons do they give for liking who they like?

Thanks and appreciated.


Well, Jeorge, I’ve noticed a lot of Sports Radio guys, especially in New England, anyway, still mark for folks like Hacksaw, Hogan, Sarge, Macho Man, and Andre The Giant. If they mention any of those guys, they’ll eventually tag John Cena as the face of the company currently, what with him being a Boston guy and all. 
Beyond that, when I’m watching wrestling and my family pops in, so far the only people who have managed to keep them interested beyond and eye-roll and silent judgement of my entertainment habits, it’s been The Rock, Cena, Lesnar – essentially guys that fit the mold of muscled bad asses. 
In fact a few weeks ago my Dad was watching it with me briefly, and got really, *really* upset that the WWE expected ANYONE to believe that CM Punk could beat up Brock Lesnar.  “There’s no way! No Way! Come on! That’s so fake!”. 
My sister is currently on the path to becoming a professional dancer, but I’ve yet to be able to show her Fandango, though once she caught me humming his song and I had to explain why there was a ball room dancing wrestler when ball room dancing was hard enough as it is. 

On the subject of Fandango, there’s a great Kevin Costner movie by that title that’s really sweet and kind of cheesy. I’d check it out.