NFL Week 3 Odds and Picks

Last week was good, as I went 5-0 on my picks.  I like the odds that can be found in week 2, but weeks 3 and 4 are always a little tougher as the books are still getting settled after overreaction to what we’ve seen in the young season.  This year is no exception, as the lines haven’t all settled in yet on the online books this week.  But here is what things look like for this week:  (all odds are from

Cincinnati +3           at      Baltimore -3                    O/U 44.0
Oakland +3.5           at      Cleveland -3.5                 O/U 42.0
New Orleans +3      at      Carolina -3                       O/U 45.0

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Sunday Football Thread

I’ll bet you football guys thought I forgot about this, didn’t you?

Bayless doesn’t have any picks this week, but I offer you the chest-thumping, fist-bumping football discussion thread.

Have a good day. Hell in a Cell thread will be up in time for the kick off show.

If football was more like wrestling…

I wrote a piece the other day applying a number of wrestling tropes to pro football. I thought you and the rest of the Blog o' Doomers might get a laugh or two out of it, and I'd be grateful for the plug. Fun fact: every named individual and team is taken from a (mostly) football related work of fiction.

If Football Was More Like Wrestling…

Highlights from the latest episode of Monday Night Mayhem, the flagship show of the World Football League.
Preview by Yahoo

If the XFL was booked like this, they would have destroyed the NFL and be the #1 football league in the world to this very day.  The Einhorn stuff killed me, by the way.  Great job.  


So, check this out.

This is from a recent testimonial game (not sure if you guys in the US of A/Canada do these – basically just a fun tribute game to a recently retired player. In this case, a well-known Spurs defender called Ledley King), whereby everything is a little more relaxed, and a friendly game of football is played.

If ECW did football….

Check it out.

Football related petition

Know you're not a football guy, what with your 110-yard fields and Henry Burris and all, but we're passing around this petition to get an NFL-based network launched, and I figure a number of your constituents are NFL fans. Mind giving me a cheapo plug?

But…doesn't the NFL already HAVE a network?  Do they really need another one?