Foley and Context

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Justin Henry here. First off, thanks for contributing to my Dean Ambrose article for Fighting Spirit a couple months back.Turned out very well, actually.

After reading the thread on Foley's pre-ECW resume, it got me to thinking. Fans today who never saw Mick wrestle prior to, say, 2007, might see him as some fat buffoon who makes lame puns and comes off like the blissfully out-of-touch uncle. Of course, you, me, and many older fans remember his gift-of-gab in WCW and ECW, and of course, the inhuman amount of punishment he'd take in redefining the wild brawl.

So for question fodder: looking back to your formative days of fandom, what wrestler, above all others, did you misjudge when you first saw him, not realizing that his prior work was as legendary as it was?

For me, getting into being a fan as a five-year-old in 1989, I thought Dusty Rhodes was just some fat ass that unclogged toilets and danced with an older black woman. I had no frame of reference that he was a brilliant speaker and gifted booker that warred with Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard in a series of bloody brawls and high-drawing main events.

Who's your pick?

​Pedro Morales.  When I started watching in 86 he was a curtain jerking jobber working the house show circuit against Honky Tonk Man, and then much later on I found out he was a former long-reigning WWF champion and New York legend.  He was still a shit wrestler, though, even when I saw his career prime stuff.  
​Also, my first exposure to Don Muraco didn't really give me a fair assessment of him, since he was deep into his big fat beach bum phase and I had never seen his more mobile stuff or his hilarious promos.  Or, indeed, Fuji Vice.  
Also, Dennis Condrey.  By the time I started watching the NWA on a regular basis, it was strictly the Eaton and Lane version of the Midnights and Condrey was this old-looking guy who I occasionally saw on a Crockett compilation tape.  I really didn't appreciate him until I started becoming a Midnights completeist and tracked down a bunch of their World Class and Mid-South run.  

Foley writes about Ryder

While I’m usually the graphic novel guy I came across this and thought it was just about the truest wrestling thing I’ve read in years and figured it needed to be shared.

The point Foley makes of the “people get tired of finding out . . .” perfectly sums up why I don’t watch WWE anymore and haven’t for two years.

Anyway here’s the link

Foley on Cena

Hi Scott,

Hope all is well. Check out Foley's comments on last night's Cena/Bray segment:

"But, as good as it was, I could not fully enjoy the brilliant, chilling segment – one of the most memorable things I've seen on Raw in tears, because of …because of…because of those WRISTBANDS! Because of those wristbands…and the HAT! AND the bright green FLUORESCENT SHIRT! …. I couldn't help but feel that "He's trying to sell me something". Every time he waved his cap, I thought, "he's trying to sell me a hat." Every time he walks through that curtain, I get the feeling he's trying to sell me something."  

Foley is right! How can anyone take this storyline (or any Cena storyline) seriously when all you ever think when you see Cena on screen is that he's become a neon sign for new merchandise.  Your thoughts???
​He's doing a hell of a job, judging by his merchandise sales.  ​

Mick Foley Not Signing New WWE Legends Deal

This was posted on Foley’s Facebook account:

To deal..or not to deal – that is the question. As some of you may have heard, at this point, I am opting not to sign my Legends Marketing Deal, which gives #WWE the right to market my likeness on video games and action figures. I’ll be writing in more detail about this in the next week or so, but it would be fair to say that, despite strong sales, I have found the payoffs for the past two video games to be extremely weak – in the 25% range of what most talent was expecting.  

Last year, the explanation had something to do with the video game company going bankrupt – a real shame for me, since I was heavily featured as three characters from the “Attitude” era, complete with voice work. I haven’t heard this year’s explanation yet, but, personally. I think the #WWE just wants to see if the talent will accept a far lower percentage than had previously been given. If so, it would proably be a good business move for #WWE, since very few current wrestlers are going to jeapordize their standing with the company by offering resistance – and most legends will probably come to feel like anything they get from merchandise is better than nothing.
As for me: until I hear a valid reason, I’m opting out.

Looks like the Legend’s Deals are making people unhappy. Wonder if more will follow suit with Mick

Mick Foley Show Review

Hey Scott,

Here is my review of Mick Foley's "Tales from Wrestling Past" comedy show in Philly at Helium Comedy Club. If the Mickster ever makes it out to Canada, I highly recommend you check him out. Wrestling doesn't need heroes, we need comedians!

He came to Calgary and my friend saw him and also had nothing but raves for him.  

This is the Daily show with MICK FOLEY!?

I promised myself I would hold off on using my posting privileges for anything other then ROH reviews for at least a couple months, but this seemed worth an exception.
We all know Vince craves mainstream attention, and The Daily Show is about as main stream as it gets in American TV.  My jaw hit the floor as soon as I realized that the Zeb Coulter angle was about to be aired by the worlds leading fake news broadcast.  The resulting bit was hilarious and probably made the angle seem a lot more sophisticated to the non-wrestling fan watching.

I think this is great press for the WWE to draw up some buzz, What say you?  

Mick Foley “Cheap Pop” t-shirts (Limited!)

Hey Scott!  You helped us last year and I wanted to see if I could inquire one final time.  Last year, our shirt company Doomsday Attire worked with Mick Foley to design this shirt: 

Originally these were only for sale by Mick himself, at select shows on his stand-up tour. Well, our web-store has them for pre-order now at
The cut off for the pre-order is 6/16/13. After that, we will stop having them for sale and they won't be available again. A few things you should know:

  • This is the first and last time we will be selling this shirt to the general public. If Mick himself decides to sell them himself later, on his tours or on his websites or whatever, I have no idea. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. But this is the only time I can guarantee they will be available.
  • You will notice the shirt is a little more expensive than the others. That is because we're donating those extra few bucks from each shirt to, which is a charity Mick works closely with.
  • To help off-set that, if you order the Foley shirt + any one of our other shirts, you'll get free shipping (saves you $4 bucks)
  • Like I said, the cut-off ends on the 16th. From there, it should be approx. 2-3 weeks after that. Since we're only doing a limited number of these, we're only making enough shirts to fill the pre-order and that's it, so the shirts won't be made until after the pre-order ends. So if you order, you can expect to get the shirt probably in early/mid-July. If you order another shirt at the same time, they won't be shipped separately. We'll hold them until the Foley shirts are in and then ship them together. Just want err'body to know on the front end so no one is all, "WHERE'S MY SPOCK SHIRT!?"


Shane Douglas on the new Foley DVD

> So I was just watching For All Mankind when I saw that Shane Douglas appears as a talking head early in the doc. It’s obviously a new video, too, shot for the documentary. Is this his first appearance on a WWE release aside from old footage?
Yup, dude’s been basically blacklisted since he tried to jump with the Radicalz and then “changed his mind.”  I’m pretty surprised actually.

Full Match/Content Listing For New Mick Foley DVD


It’s called For All Mankind: The Life and Career of Mick Foley.  I like the title.

Disc 1

A Happy Story
Idyllic Childhood
Huge Fan
Training School
Working the Road
ECW & Japan
Dude Love
Hell in a Cell
Mr. Socko
The Rock
Triple H
Going Away
Randy Orton
Making a Difference
Stand Up Comic
A Complete One-Off

Disc 2

Jack Foley / Les Thornton vs. The British Bulldogs
Superstars September 1986
Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles

Cactus Jack / Gary Young vs. Scott Steiner / Billy Travis
AWA All Star Wrestling October 1988

Cactus Jack Manson vs. Brickhouse Brown
Wild West Wrestling April 1989

Cactus Jack vs. Keith Hart
Power Hour March 1990

 Submit or Surrender Match

Cactus Jack vs. Sting
Power Hour November 1991

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Cactus Jack vs. Van Hammer
Clash of the Champions XVIII 21st January, 1992

Barbed Wire Match
Cactus Jack vs. Sandman
Ft. Lauderdale, FL May 1995

Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas
CyberSlam February 1996
Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles

Mankind vs. Rocky Maivia
IYH: Cold Day in Hell 11th May, 1997

Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
IYH: Canadian Stampede 6th July, 1997

Disc 3

Dude Love vs. Rocky Maivia
RAW 17th November, 1997

Hell in a Cell
Mankind vs. Undertaker King of the Ring 28th June, 1998
Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Mankind / Kane vs. New Age Outlaws
RAW 13th July, 1998

WWE Championship Match
Mankind vs. The Rock
IYH: Rock Bottom 13th December, 1998

WWE Tag Team Championship
Mankind / The Rock vs. Triple H / Shane McMahon
SmackDown 2nd September, 1999

Mankind vs. Al Snow
SmackDown 16th December, 1999

Hell In A Cell – Retirement Match
Cactus Jack vs. Triple H
No Way Out 27th February, 2000

Blu-ray Exclusives


Sting’s Birthday Cake
WCW World Championship Wrestling 5th October, 1991

No Ear Surgery
WCW Saturday Night 10th September, 1994

RAW 5th April, 2004

Cutting Edge
SmackDown 1st August, 2008

Relevancy with CM Punk
RAW 24th September, 2012


Frank Foley

Snowed In

DeNucci Training School

Arrested in Italy?

Cactus Jack – The Name


Birth of Bang Bang

Losing Teeth

On the Spot

Wanted T-Shirt

Smoking Flight?

Anti-Hardcore ECW

Farewell in ECW

Vicious Suplex

Kevin Sullivan – Mentor

Rock ‘n Sock Jacket


Loogie Heard ‘Round the World


Mr. Socko vs. The Cobra

Comedy Show

Favourite Mick Foley Persona

Sheamus Meets Mick

Christmas Cheer


Thrifty Mick

Other than the Taker Cell match I don’t see any repeats unless the other Cell match is available somewhere.

Foley – HHH rumors from Raw

Hi Scott,
What is your take on Foley changing his tune regarding HHH and Raw last night?

Foley went on Twitter last night commenting on how he felt HHH was referring to him as as the "guy he never wants to be … just hanging around for nostalgic pops." I thought he meant Foley too last night, and I felt bad–Foley is a guy who did and continues to do so much for THIS BUSINESS and doesn't deserve potshots like that. Today Foley changed his tune and is simply thankful for HHH bringing him back to WWE. There is no doubt HHH has looked down on Foley and talks negatively about him to the higher ups. Foley used to call HHH out for things like this (like the Lilian Garcia "horse" thing), so is it part of contracts now that everyone must be thankful to the damn guy now?  I can't stand it. Thanks for letting me vent, lol.
Anthony Viggiani
New York, NY

Of course everyone has to be grateful to him!  He's the Game!  The best IN THIS BUSINESS!  He's going to revamp developmental WITH A BROKEN FUCKING ARM.  TWICE.  He does it all for our entertainment!  Nobody needed to put HIM over!  Brock Lesnar may have quit with a 15 second Tout, but HHH DESERVES the entire first hour dedicated to him and how great he is.  Foley should be grateful for his job!  You think that people IN THIS BUSINESS care about some rinky-dink newspaper's sales charts?  If it wasn't a WWE-approved book, IT DOESN'T MATTER.  Maybe if he became an actor and did WWE Films movies about an angry ex-con trying to set his life straight (twice), people would take him seriously again.  


Scotsman’s Mick Foley Experience

Hey Scott,
Here's my trip report – feel free to share on your blog 🙂

Someday Wrestlemania will come to Saskatoon, and then I too will get to go, and have the last laugh!  Granted I'll probably be 92 when it happens, but I'm patient!  Until then, I'll just be over here, being jealous.