Promo of the Day: Ric Flair Flossy


Always have appreciated your work and have been a long-time blog follower.  

To me, there aren’t many things better than a good ol’ mid-80s Flair promo.  I love how he covers multiple challengers for the belt, gives them all a bit of a rub while also tearing them down a bit … and then ad lib destroys the hell out of Landel and JJ to finish it off.  Good times!

Yeah, Flair was always great in these because he was “burying” his opponents with stuff that was so ridiculous that anyone would be able to see through and tell how jealous he was.  Like when he’d mock Magnum’s “skinny little arms” or the hordes of pre-teen girls who cheered for Ricky Morton.  It was all stuff that made fans go “Man, Flair is a delusional jerk” and made people want to see him get beat, and didn’t tarnish the babyfaces.  I mean, obviously, look at Magnum, he’s tossing 300 pound guys around with the belly to belly, his arms were obviously not skinny.  
Now, you have Vince McMahon and his surrogates telling Daniel Bryan that he’s too small and not good for business.  What counter-argument can fans make against that?  Clearly he IS small, and given we don’t have access to WWE’s financial information, who are we to say he’s not bad for business?  HHH in particular is the worst for it, because he buries guys with stuff that is specifically true and doesn’t leave himself open for comebacks by the babyface.  That was a huge problem with the Punk feud in 2011 as well.  
Anyway, tl;dr, 80s Flair rules.