Five moves of doom


Are you the originator of the term "Five moves of doom" or is it something that floated around the prehistoric Internet and you popularized it?

At this point Cena is saying it on TV. What other Keith-isms have crossed over into the common wrestling lexicon?

​I just popularized it.  Pretty sure it came from CRZ.  However, I am fully willing to take credit for anything people want to credit with me creating.  ​

WWE in roughly five minutes

RAW and Smackdown chewed up, regurgitated, and made palatable in roughly 10 minutes per week.

Not my creation, but I love it as though it were: 

 Man, I WISH that both shows were that long.  Even an hour each would be awesome.  I'm digging the new NXT for exactly that reason — it's like the old WCW shows with a slightly more modern presentation.  Promo, match, promo, match, main event.  Done.  

Dead In Five Years!

The perfect time to go to three hours.  Obviously it'll have to be John Cena in every segment, plus commercials for his movies, and video packages about him supporting the troops and healing sick children with his magic spinner belt.  
Seriously though, it's getting scary how pushing only one person as meaning anything results in no one caring about the show when he's not on it.  I know the gut reaction from WWE is going to be to re-push all the big names harder than ever, but they really need to do like 97 and go the opposite by pushing the Zigglers and new FCW geeks to hopefully create new stars without baggage and multiple drug violations.