Why was Steamboat fired from the WWF after WM4?


Why did Steamboat get canned from the WWF anyway?  Seems like he was always in shape, reliable, put on a monster show, etc. Was it more of Vince's obsession with big guys, or just the face ceiling with Hogan?

Well, he was released from his contract, not fired.  That was the wrong word on my part.  ​There was a lot of heat on Steamboat for the post-WM3 hiatus, and clearly the NWA wanted him back.  I mean, the Crockett guys weren't exactly being subtle about it.  Basically Steamboat "retired" after WM4 to get out of his contract and spend time with his family because Bonnie was pressuring him in that direction, and then I presume Flair personally called his house every day until he signed there.  Vince and Steamboat have always had a weird relationship, in that Vince brought him back in 91 for that big push as The Dragon and then treated him like s--- until he left again.  Maybe he was still bitter about Steamboat leaving in 88?   ​

Is “Will Big Johnny be fired?” the only storyline they have for him?

Why are WWE repeating the whole "Will Big Johnny be fired?" all the goddamn time.
Beside the fact that no one, who isn't 12, thinks he's losing his job any time soon,how can I, if I were 12, be afraid of this guy as an overbearing boss if I know that he's a "not entertaining enough" segment away from losing his own job?

Oh, it's gonna get worse.  There was some sort of promotional think accidentally leaked this week, according to the Observer podcast, where Johnny's job title is getting changed to "Liason to the Board of Directors".  So obviously he's getting "fired" from the GM job after this shitty PPV and then immediately rehired with a new but same job description.  Because even their STIPULATIONS have to have Dusty Finishes now.