Blog Topic: Best Rumble Finishing Sequence

In your opinion, what's the best Rumble finishing sequence of all-time?

(Note: I would consider the "finishing sequence" to be everything from final four until the finish, since sometimes you don't even get a proper final two showdown, you just get Brock dumping Taker from behind, seconds after Taker dumped the last guy)

As a refresher, here were the final fours of each Rumble:

1988: Duggan, Muraco, Bravo, One Man Gang
1989: Studd, DiBiase, Akeem, Martel 
1990: Hogan, Perfect, Hercules, Rude 
1991: Hogan, Bulldog, Earthquake, Knobbs  
1992: Flair, Savage, Hogan, Sid 
1993: Yokozuna, Martel, Backlund, Savage 
1994: Bret, Luger, Fatu, HBK 
1995: HBK, Bulldog, Luger, Crush 
1996: HBK, Diesel, Bulldog, Kama 
1997: Austin, Vader, Taker, Bret/Fake Diesel
1998: Austin, Dude Love, The Rock, Farooq 
1999: McMahon, Austin, D-Lo, Bossman 
2000: Rock, Big Show, Kane, X-Pac
2001: Austin, Rock, Kane, Billy Gunn
2002: HHH, Angle, Perfect, Austin
2003: Brock, Taker, Kane, Batista
2004: Benoit, Show, Jericho, Angle 
2005: Batista, Cena, Mysterio, Edge 
2006: Mysterio, Orton, HHH, RVD
2007: Taker, HBK, Edge, Orton
2008: Cena, HHH, Batista, Kane 
2009: Orton, HHH, DiBiase, Rhodes 
2010: Edge, Cena, HBK, Batista
2011: Alberto, Santino, Orton, Barrett
2012: Sheamus, Jericho, Orton, Show

Oh, 2007 was the best by far.  Shawn and Undertaker had an awesome 10 minute match with each other tacked onto the end of the Rumble and we were like "Hey, they should have a match now" and they had two at Wrestlemania and stole the show both years.