Possible Hell In A Cell “co-main event” finish?


I'm just sitting here wondering how difficult would it be for WWE to book a finish as shocking, as amazing and as remarkable as this:

Seth Rollins curb stomps Dean Ambrose's head on top of the cell, THROUGH THE ROOF and onto the mat? Rollins will obviously fall along with Ambrose into the ring!

I mean, calling the match off at that point by having the referee pull up the dreaded X sign, will not only look spectacular, but also protect both guys during the biggest push of their careers.

It's high time we get something great out of the whole Hell In A Cell deal that has stopped being destructive and career-threatening many years ago.

What do you think?

​So after months of bait-and-switch and cheap finishes they should blow it off with a non-finish in a supposed cage match to the death?  By ending the match with both guys too hurt to continue?
I'm not sure I agree 100% with your detective work there, Lou.   ​

the finish to the Rock/HHH Iron Man

Hi there,

So as we all know, HHH won the match (and the belt) six falls to five.  But here’s the thing: HHH shouldn’t have won the title, because the deciding fall was a *DQ.*  Because as Gorilla would always remind us “titles in the World Wrestling Federation can only change hands on a pinfall or submission.”  And yet, I don’t think I’ve ever since this mentioned in any recap.  I can’t be the only one who’s thought this, can I?

That particular bugaboo was overturned for 2/3 falls matches with the Brainbusters tag title win.  Plus iron man matches have always been “most falls in x time” regardless of how the fall is won.  So sorry, but nitpick DENIED.

The Summerslam Finish

OK, so the obvious finish that we're all expecting to happen tomorrow is Bryan finding a way to beat Cena after one hell of a war, then Orton cashes in and gets the belt off of him, so that Bryan chases Orton through the fall.

But we also know that Vince hates for people to know the finish in advance, which is why we get crap like the Wrestlemania 2000 finish, or the switch in the Hardy/Edge Rumble match whenever that was…

So what do we get? Perhaps Kane stops Orton's cash-in and throws a wrinkle in the plans for the fall…any thoughts?

Summerslam is next week, not tomorrow, would be my first thought.
The obvious finish is the obvious one for a reason, as I've noted before.  They've been sticking to their story for weeks now and they'll finish it up so they can apparently move onto the HHH v. Vince storyline for Wrestlemania that everyone is totally waiting for.

Throwing in the towel finish

So I was watching some early 80s wrestling and wondered why the throwing in the towel finish went the way of the dinosaur. It's still legal in boxing and it's a good finish to have if you want to protect a wrestler during a loss, plus it can be used as a plot device for a face/heel turn.

Absolutely correct.  Plus there's a billion ways to screwjob it creatively.  I myself am I huge fan of it and I'm also kind of stunned that it hasn't been used since, what, Survivor Series 1994?  You can have the heroic babyface who doesn't give up but has someone surrender for him so he doesn't get hurt further, or the babyface who doesn't give up but someone fucks him over, or the heel who "gets his" by having someone throw in the towel to cost him a title, thus keeping him strong.  It's a GREAT finish.