Shameless Plug / 80’s Wrestling Figures

Hi Scott,  

LONG time reader, first time writer. I was hoping I might get a shameless plug in on your blog. Not sure if you’re up to date on news in BC, but there has been an ongoing teacher strike since June. My wife and I are both educators and with no paycheques in over a month (and no end to the strike / lock-out in sight), I have decided to sell off some of my old LJN Wrestling Superstars figures on E-Bay to pay some bills and keep the kids fed! It’s nothing ground-breaking, but I do have some of the sought after and hard to find accessories (Jake Roberts with Damian, Terry Funk with hat and branding iron, Hart Foundation with title belts, Koko B. Ware with Frankie the Parrot, etc.) I have provided a link below to the Funk figure, the others can be found by clicking my username. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

DC Comics Action Figures

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Hey Scott, I know there's a ton of other comics fans on your blog. Every year, Mattel does a subscription service for DC figures – one figure a month, with the first three for 2014 scheduled to be 90s harpoon-hand Aquaman, Superboy Conner Kent, and Ice, with a Doomsday subscription-exclusive figure. Since the sub needs a certain number of subscribers to go through each year and is only available on the barely-advertised site, I was wondering if you could let everyone who reads your blog know about it. Subscription period ends August 19th.

More information is available in this flyer: