Fighting Spirit Magazine Monday Night Raw Survey


Brian and I over at FSM are conducting a poll to look for trends in the recent bottoming out of Raw’s ratings. While the forthcoming answers won’t be too surprising, I’m sure, we’d like some solid numbers to back up the perceptions.


If this was WCW, they’d do this kind of poll themselves and do whatever the opposite of what it told them.​

Company Actively Fighting Its Own Fanbase

You're likely getting all kinds of e-mails about tonight's Royal Rumble, but I have a specific question regarding all this:

Is there any other company that you can think of that actively and vigorously fight so hard against its own fanbase? Because I'm honestly blanking on an example. It's one thing to go against what the fans want. We're used to that. But tonight, between eliminating Bryan so quickly, and then the never ending treatment of every other strongly liked star like Sandow, Cesaro, Ziggler, etc. It's like they're actively and regularly saying, "You like these guys? Well fuck you!"

What other company has worked this hard against its own fanbase?

WCW did that a lot too at the end.  Just saying.