Your favourite WWE PPV opening matches?

Hi Scott,

 We all know the opening match is exceptionally important for setting the tone of the night and getting the crowd all hyped up. Matches like HHH vs. Dude Love at One Night Stand 1997, Lance Storm vs. Edge at Summerslam 2001, HHH vs. Daniel Bryan at WM30 and Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart at WM10 really stand out as being exceptional and standing the test of time. Do you have any opening matches which are your favourites or any opening matches you feel genuinely helped pump the crowd up for the rest of the card?
Bret v. Owen is of course the most obvious, but WCW made it into an artform with the Cruiserweight era.  Rey v. Psicosis at Superbrawl II was arguably the greatest opening match of all time, and even 4 years earlier Pillman v. Liger pretty much nailed the Best Match award in the opener of Superbrawl II.  I'd also give an honorable mention to Jericho v. Raven at Havoc 98.  
I feel like one of the biggest disappointments in openers was Barely Legal, in that they should have put their strongest foot forward right away, and Eliminators v. Dudleys was just not that great.  I think they almost should have opened with the three-way and then built to Funk's title shot as the main event instead of the rushed finish we got.  

Who is your favourite “Bad Wrestler”?

Hi Scott;
As longtime wrestling fans, many people online tend to like the "Good workers" first, and everyone else second. Many guys fabled for crappy matches are utterly HATED in many places online too, especially by "smart fans". But every once in a while, these fans will come out in support of the bad workers if they're entertaining in other aspects. For example, I see a LOT of people online who love the crap out of Sid Vicious/Justice/Sycho in all his forms, despite admitting that he stinks in the ring. His natural charisma, look, and attitude tend to rub off well on some people, even if he can't seem to get out of his own way in the ring.
Now I know you dig the matches first, but are their any guys you're a big fan of, despite them sucking at the "in-ring" side of the business? It could be guys who are just funny mic-workers, shitty wrestlers who just try their asses off, or some kind of "X-Factor" you can't really explain. Conversely, where there ever any good/great workers that you just couldn't stand? I know a lot of people hate on Jeff Jarrett for his utter blandness, despite him being a fairly competent (if generic and by-the-numbers) worker.
Me? I can never really explain it, but even as a kid, I thought Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V was awesome. I knew his matches tended to be on the non-good side, and he didn't deserve a World Title run, but I enjoy the crap out of Nelson Frazier, Jr. for some reason.

I liked Sid Vicious just fine!  It wasn't until his last post-99 WCW run that he got insufferable because he was so overexposed.  Up until then, he was kept in relatively small doses and got to come in and powerbomb dudes and look impressive.  Plus Shawn even carried him to a great match.