QOTD #46: Favorite Athletes

Today’s Question: Kind of a random question of the day, but who is your favorite professional athlete of all-time – outside of the wrestling business?
Yesterday’s Question:
In sort of a continuation of yesterday, I hear people talking about WWE
Style. Strictly focusing on the in-ring product, I think we are headed
for a more homogenized product, as WWE insists on new guys going thru
developmental first. So my question is: What automatically comes to mind when you hear someone refer to the “WWE Style”? 

Yesterday’s question was sort of an extension of Tuesday’s topic, but I just wanted to get a feel for what everyone was referring to when they mentioned WWE in-ring style. 

Kyle Fitta: WWE matches typically follow the same format. The beginning starts with
the babyface’s fire period, with him or her going crazy and avoiding
everything the heel throws at him. In more strategic matches, the story
establish that the babyface is superior because of their strength,
power, technical, highflying skills, or whatever. The next portion is
where the heel takes over. This could happen for a number of reasons –
the heel could have cheated, the babyface could have failed to deliver
high-spot, the heel could have found a weakness, etc. The heel will then
methodically dictate the pace of the match. A good heel will listen to
the crowd’s reactions to know the right time for cut-off a comeback and
when babyface should get in hope-spots or make their comeback. This all
builds to the finishing sequence, which usually occurs after the
babyface makes their full-blown comeback. Generally, this when the
wrestlers go for the deathblow as they try to hit their trademark spots
and finishers. The structure has stayed simple, but all the twist and
turns, the psychology, the wrestlers’ personalities, and the story can
make it a masterpiece.

Stuart Chartrock:

Not really answering the question here, but just something I want to say about “WWE Style”:
much as many of us in the IWC may loathe the so-called “WWE Style” or
“Main-Event Style”, it doesn’t automatically mean that everybody
wrestles the same bland, chinlock-filled style.

Yes, it’s a bit
“toned down” from the 100mph indy style of doing a billion dangerous
spots in a row, and it does focus more on telling a story than just
stringing a bunch of cool moves together. And, yeah, it also means being
able to condense a few signature spots into three-minute matches. That
doesn’t mean that it can’t be exciting, though: Austin, Rock, Trips,
Shawn, Bret, Taker, Cena, Brock, Punk, Bryan, Savage, Hennig, Jericho,
Angle, Eddie, Benoit… all of these guys wrestle(d) within the
boundaries of said style. Sure, there are limitations placed on the
workers, but the truly talented can overcome those limitations to put on
consistently great matches that engage audiences.

redman:Main event matches-Punch, kick, chop, chinlock, at one point someone has
to be outta the ring for the commercial break. Then another chinlock
when the break is over. Then a nice nearfall sequence at the end with a
finisher always being what is used to win. Absolutely no story
Midcard marches- punch, kick, chop, chinlock, distraction, roll up finish
far as entertainment goes, the matches are consistently better today
than they ever have been IMO. But I see so many of them every week and
they are a ALL THE SAME kind of match that I get bored of it. 

Garth Holmberg C.C.:WWE Style has always been focus on working for the production crew than
the live audience. Yes, the audience is a major part of the show, but
look at the latest Rumble: There’s a horrible production botch where we
see Kane sitting at ringside 20 minutes before his due run-in. Why?
Because they were trying to catch something else going on that was
important to production than the in-ring product, and they fucked it up
rather than the performer. Just one of many examples that come to mind,
but one that had me scratching my head at such a bush league move.

Jason Clark:

In ring, I see “WWE style” as
(1) having an emphasis on brawling and size instead of technical wrestling or MMA-like submissions.
(2) as much as possible, having matches templated and paced for a television audience vs. a live arena.
(3) wrestlers being booked “50-50”, unless you are a US or IC title holder, in which case you are losing most of the time.
I see it as brand over individual component. They want to sell the WWE
product rather than DB, Brock, or even Cena. That way, the company is
protected when those individuals retire, go elsewhere to wrestler, or
get injured. When you own a lot of stock like the McMahons, why *try*
to make billions when you can guarantee yourself to make millions.

Chris B:Two things: Learning to put a match into 3 minutes – that is what most
of the indy guys say is the hardest thing to transition to. The other
thing is brawling into the crowd … classic WWE style.

VintageECW: WWE Style: Dolph Zigglers ridiculously dumb finisher. (agreed….)

Based on the responses, it follows a basic format…..

* Authority has 20-minute talking segment
* Authority makes a match (which if its early in the show, starts….RIGHT NOW)
* Punch, kick, punch, kick for about 2 mins, then take a powder
* Michael Cole changes inflection and goes to commercial
* resthold, chinlock, etc. etc.
(No new spots whatsoever)

The only variation is the finish which depends on a few factors:

– If the match involves John Cena, then Cena hits 5-knuckle shuffle (100% of the time) and gets the AA after one failed attempt
–  If the match involves mid-carders, then the finish will include a distraction (either by the next PPV opponent or the MUSIC OF the PPV opponent) followed by a roll-up or caught by their finisher
– 90% of ALL matches must end with the winner hitting his finisher – with the exception of the aforementioned distraction/roll-up. Also, the recipient must be in PERFECT position to recieve the finisher at the perfect time. For example, for RVD, the victim is perfectly positioned underneath RVD at an angle as to be perfectly 5-star splashed. Or, for Rey Jr. the recipient must always land with head sticking out of the ropes for the 619, then after getting kicked, land perfectly to recieve West Coast pop. I could go on but you get the drill.
– WRESTLEMANIA VERSION: The main event includes the above, except each man must kick out of the other’s finisher, then ATTEMPT the opposing wrestler’s finisher at least once.

Pretty predictable when you spell it out. Or as The Fuj put it……


QOTD #41: Your Favorite Wrestler

Today’s Question:
Who is your all-time
favorite wrestler, and why?
That question will be looked at deeper tomorrow, as my final
QOTD installment. Start the party early by writing your soliloquys to the
wrestlers you’ve come to love by scrolling to the end of this. Otherwise, stick
around to talk a little TNA.

I asked you that if this is truly the end of TNA, what’s the
one memory you’ll have of the company? With over 12 years of footage, you had
lots to choose from.
The Jessexpress: A midget wanking in a trashcan
Wasn’t filling enough, Jess?
dffggtyrtwe: just as Leonard answered I am taken by
surprise that a single mom can make $7907 in a few weeks on the internet .
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Well dffggtyrtwe, I’ll make sure that Vickie Guerrero is
aware of yours and Leonard’s money making scheme. Thank you for your valid
Garth Holmberg, C.C.:
Missed Opportunities. TNA had 12
years to hook fans, but found new ways to muck things up at every possible
turn. Instead of going in the direction of being an alternative product to WWE,
they slowly regressed into being a painfully mediocre, watered-down version of
WWE, or if you want to get really nasty, later year versions of WCW. Poor
management and nearly non-existent advertisement campaigns have almost made
their decade plus history completely irrelevant.
White Thunder: The 2003 Super X Cup weekly PPV show was
just classic. Juvi was in the zone, and I thought for sure Teddy Hart was going
to star in the promotion after this. One of my all time favorite wrestling
shows, a perfect tournament. Plus I think the show ended with a War Games style
cage match.
This was right in the middle of my TNA recapping heyday.
The War Games itself was pretty awful, but holy hell what a show Juventud
Guerrera put on that night. I was so bloody upset that Sabin, who I LOVED,
wound up winning this thing – that’s how strong Juvi was performing at this
MyronB: The Scott D’Amore and Dutch Mantell booked
Knockout Division. When they booked the division they had compelling
storylines, good matches, and interesting characters. The Gail Kim-Awesome Kong
feud, the Beautiful People bullying Roxie LaRue, ODB being outrageous. Even
when the rest of the roster was involved in badly booked nonsense you could always
count on the Knockouts to be entertaining. Of course once Vince Russo started
booking the division and it got integrated into the rest of the TNA booking it
became really bad, really quickly.
I have a friend who couldn’t stand the Awesome Kong era,
because he felt it was FAT WOMAN SQUASH, one after another. I loved it, because
I couldn’t remember the last time we had a truly dominant champ of any division
who you believed could NOT be beaten. And lord knows she could wrestle. That’s
what made the Gail Kim win so awesome, finally someone was able to outperform
the unstoppable force. In fact, that’s straight up wrestling in a nutshell.
Chris Hirsch: That they gave their company the acronym
most closely associated with tits and ass.
Numerous posters would make this point, but Chris was the
first. Yes, their initial concept was more than a little short sighted. It’ll
be called TITS N ASS, and feature WOMEN IN CAGES, WRESTLING PENISES, and 600
POUNDS OF CHEEX. Is it a wonder they were nearly dead by week 10?
Darren X: TNA Had as close of a chance at re-creating
the Goldberg-like phenomenon that they needed: Monty Brown….and they dropped
the ball by turning him into a heel gopher for guess who? Which in a sense goes
back to #1: Jeff Jarrett has to be the centerpiece of everything. Monty Brown –
if used correctly – could have been big enough to singlehandedly save the
company…..and they screwed it up, and he left to become a little-used bit
player in WWE and left the business entirely. It’s a shame really. The guy was
a monster and should have been allowed to be just that, not to mention he had
the “look” and possibly could have went more mainstream. TNA has
screwed up other ways (releasing Jay Lethal, not pushing the X-Division, incredibly
botching the whole Pacman Jones thing, Vince Russo….period) but that is #1.
We’ve covered this at least once before, but the lost
opportunity with Monty Brown was unforgivable. The first time I turned off TNA
was in the first (forgotten!) Hulk Hogan era, where suddenly the likes of Jim
Duggan, Buff Bagwell, and Lex Luger were being given prominent roles. The
second time was after the Monty Brown heel turn, that just sapped the life out
of the entire babyface side of the company, and once again put all the
attention on Jeff Jarrett. I never fully came back after that one.
Ryan Yoder: The one negative I will think of is how
Samoa Joe never got to the level he could have. I’m still foggy on the details,
but I just remember he was going to be the top monster badass heel, and then he
was just some guy.
Joe was hot off his 2 year run as ROH champion, and was
putting on performances the likes of which mainstream fans had never seen. Joe’s
shelf life was obviously limited due to his size, but the fact they didn’t just
go balls to the wall and put this guy directly on top of things until Angle’s
arrival was another obvious gaffe. By the time he WOULD eventually get anointed
the champion, a lot of the mystique of Joe was gone. To compare Joe today to
who he was in 2005 isn’t even possible. They are completely different
The Fuj: Elix Skipper walking the cage.
Sexy choice, Fuj. That was straight up one of the ballsiest
things you’ll ever see done inside a professional wrestling ring. If he slips,
it’s all for naught, and lord knows it’s hard enough to concentrate on
something like that without the added pressure of performing in front of a
crowd. Great spot.
Q. Ross: Maybe I’m getting too deep here, but I think
about all of the arrogance and contempt they rolled up. They were arrogant enough
to blow off Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. They were arrogant enough to drive Jeff
Jarrett off. They were arrogant enough to even lie to the same people who have
been spending the past four years trying to prop them up. I know lying is a
part of business, but the fact they never even took the steps to make sure they
didn’t get caught is something else. Contempt? Where do we start? Contempt for
the fans by depicting them as the most undesirable losers whenever they appear
on camera, having Desmond Wolfe get destroyed after winning the #1 Contender
poll, and then letting Jeff Hardy wrestle when he was in no condition. Contempt
for the people who work there, whether they are on screen or off: Jesse
Sorensen, any of the women (Awesome Kong and Daffney in particular), AJ Styles,
their production crew, Rob Terry. Contempt for the realities of the business
today. The fact I associate them with those two things instead of their
talented roster is not something I take glee in.
It speaks volumes about his burial that I have completely
forgotten about Desmond Wolfe. You make some excellent points here about where
the company went wrong. They never truly found their direction, because like
WCW in the past, there was always tons of different people in charge, and their
later years were spent placating the egos of the bigger stars instead of doing
the right thing. I’m still wondering if at nearly 40 years old, AJ Styles will
ever shake off the table of being “The Future” of TNA.
Chris B: X-Division. When I first started getting to
watch it in ’04 that is what always stood out. You heard names like AJ Styles,
Daniels, Low Ki, Amazing Red, Samoa Joe, etc etc on the Internet but I never
really saw them wrestle. At its height – which for me was the AJ-Joe-Daniels
matches from 06 (right?) it was as good as wrestling got.
The X Division was such a brilliant concept that they nearly
killed in year 1. Kid Kash’s never ending run of the title, and subsequent
nearly DROPPING of that belt to Trinity would have finished it quick.
Thankfully, a solid run of Sabin / Michael Shane / Kazarian brought it back to
life, and it held on for years, right through the absolutely sickening
Joe/AJ/Daniels series you mentioned above. Had they continued to promote this
as a main event title for a specific breed of wrestlers (much like UFC will
promote any of their titles as a main event title), they could have run that on
Piperfan01: The very first thing I associate with TNA?
The very first thing is Jeff Jarrett. Which is unfortunate because he never had
any favor with me and that wasn’t ever gonna change.
I don’t even know where to start where Jeff Jarrett is
concerned. From week 1, literally, it was the Jeff Jarrett show whether we
liked it or not. Because of his favor in WCW through the end of the company,
Jarrett was largely considered the best wrestler on the indy scene available,
and as TNA owner, he could pimp himself to no end. In the first show, Jarrett
was featured in every other segment. And it didn’t stop until he got the belt
that December. He was put in insipid feuds with folks like Joe Legend, and a
directionless Chris Daniels, which he used to idle himself when he wasn’t
holding the belt. He booked himself against Hulk Hogan as some sort of Bash At
The Beach 2000 Wet Dream or something. He looked to be moving away, only to
swerve us and take the belt back from Rhino at a HOUSE SHOW of all places. We’ve
mentioned the Monty Brown fiasco. He called himself “PLANET JARRETT”, and with
the way TNA was booked for its first 4 years, it was a well deserved nickname.
Devin Harris: in the beginning, I thought it might be a
good alternative to the WWE. Throughout the years I have tried giving it a
chance but I could never get into it. So, I guess my overall impression is that
it never had a clear cut direction. If you want me to join you on a journey
then at least give me some idea of where you are taking me. TNA could never
tell me cause they never figured it out themselves. Shame though. Could have
really been a contender.
joedust: They knew exactly what they needed to do to
be different (X-Division and Tag Teams) and instead de-emphasized those things
to become a second rate cheap impersenation of the WWE.
It’s almost laughable. James Storm was the perfect face for
everything you’ve just described. He could wrestle any style, with anyone. He
was making hay 3 years ago, and since then has done … what? A series of
mid-card feuds? This is a guy who made himself a superstar with Chris Harris
early, then left without a buddy he did it again with Bobby Roode. Meanwhile,
Eric Young has been completely rejected as any kind of serious player, so
naturally he was rewarded with a World Title run he didn’t deserve, and was
featured prominently as the face of the company because he bore a slight
resemblance to Daniel Bryan. Kudos to you, TNA.
TheConvictor: The title match at Victory Road in 2011 when
a clearly disgusted Sting had to pin an inebriated Jeff Hardy in less than 3
minutes. The pre-match stuff (Hardy’s entrance, Bischoff coming down to relay
last minute instructions and Hardy trying to figure out where to throw his
T-Shirt) lasted nearly three-times as long as the actual match. As for the fans
that just paid their hard earned money to watch the match – sorry, but you’re
out of luck! They enabled a troubled figure like Hardy solely because he had
been a name in WWE (and refused to fire him after he pulled this crap). When it
was clear he wasn’t going to be able to work that day, they still sent him out
there, knowing he could hurt himself or Sting (luckily they called the
audible). That, in a nutshell, summed up TNA.
Irresponsibility at its finest. And there’s your difference.
WWE realized that Kurt Angle was a liability and let him go. TNA hired him a
month later, and happily had him wrestling a more dangerous style than ever,
ignoring his growing substance abuse problem.
thebraziliankid: AJ Styles. He was the guy that made me watch
TNA in first place. I might be wrong but he was the Spirit of TNA, they
should’ve made him The guy of TNA, he was someone that crowd loved and gave to
us TNA’s best matches.
Don’t give up! He’s still THE FUTURE of TNA! Even from the
sidelines of New Japan!
Marv Cresto: The Joseph Park/Abyss angle was easily some
of the best character work in any promotion in the last fifteen or twenty
years. The angles surrounding that character arc were crummy as usual but the
character by itself was tremendous stuff.
In the WWE, Glen Jacobs was unable to get over, wasn’t
particularly good looking or charismatic, so they stuck him under a mask and
called him Kane. Next thing you know he’s the main eventer they’d always hoped
he’d be. Over in TNA, Kid Kash finds a “monster” locked in a cage and names him
Abyss. He was an NWA Wildside cast-off, who’d worked a little with AJ Styles.
The thing was though … this guy was completely oozing charisma and we had NO
idea for YEARS because he was stuck under the mask for the first decade of his
wrestling career on the main stage! Joseph Park is the best pure emoter since
Steven Regal in mid-90’s WCW. Talk about a mis-cast!
Jared Bellow: The red cage from their opening Monday Night
War show. So much illogic and failure packed into one neat little package.
Quintessential TNA.
I went into that night with so much hope. With WWE stacking
the deck via Bret Hart, I figured TNA was going to go balls out. But … what the
hell was with that cage? What human being did they believe was going to be able
to climb at a near horizontal angle, and THEN propel themselves over and out?
It was failure from the start of that show, on what should have been their
defining night. Truthfully … it probably was.
LScisco: I’ll remember TNA for killing Chris Candido.
I’m gonna say that’s a little presumptuous, and a lot harsh.
Vintage: Having Aces & Eights pretty much kill
their entire roster for well over a year, unless it was against Hulk Hogan and
Sting, in which case they couldn’t help but fall like dominoes. That whole
angle was abysmal, right down to the fact that the roster cuts pretty much
murdered any chance at a satisfying payoff.
If you ever saw Sid’s push in the summer of 1999, it was the
same deal in WCW. He flattened EVERYONE in his path, unless he was standing toe
to toe with … well, Hogan, Sting, or Goldberg. Full-cycle.
Timeandtherani: Val Venis pinning Daniels on the first
Bischoff/Hogan PPV and the crowd in the front row turning their backs on the
show I’ll always remember
I actually only picked this comment to compliment the poster
on their fine name choice. I haven’t watched Doctor Who since the reboot, but I
was a big fan of Sylvester McCoy’s doctor through the late 80’s.
Andy PG: Dixie Carter’s unbelievable combination of
unawareness and ego. You are the money. Just keep writing off the losses and
let the wrestling people do the wrestling.
I never thought Dixie would make herself a main character,
but then, never doubt the power of ego where wrestling is concerned. I figured
if ANYONE would be able to avoid the mistakes of Dusty Rhodes, Vince Russo,
Verne Gagne, and leave themselves out of the shows, the “has nothing to do with
wrestling” Dixie Carter would be it. Nope. She’s been the owner we root for.
The owner we hate. Can she now be the owner who sells? Please?
Adam “Colorado”
I’m tempted to go with TNA
fucking EVERYTHING up in spectacular fashion, right down to not even coming up
with a decent name. But my lasting memory is watching one of the greatest
matches I’ve ever seen in Styles/Daniels at Destination X 2012… and the crowd
was dead silent because it was literally like the 150th match between the two
in that building alone so no one gave a fuck, rightfully so.
I’m pretty sure that feud officially jumped the shark the
minute Chris Daniels pulled out a screwdriver and threatened to kill AJ Styles
on PPV. Where else do you go from there?
WCW1987: I refuse to participate in this discussion
because the first part of the question suggests that TNA has folded.
This man lives ON Planet Jarrett.
The REVERSE Battle Royal. People actually
got paid to come up with this stuff!
How dare you bring this up but ignore the Dupp Cup. Or the
Hard 10 Tournament.
Riraho: Paparazzi Productions. Nash: They dont watch
porno tapes…what are they aliens?!
I was a huge, huge fan of everything Kevin Nash did with
Alex Shelley. The PCS contest remains Youtube gold.
Ripner Cabbit: The fact that they would give Scott Steiner
a live Mic so often. There was a time period the main draw of TNA was seeing
what Steiner would do and day that week. The percentages promos is still one of
the unintentionally funniest things in the world.
VintageECW: That string of shows early on with Russo
where they had a surprise return every single week. I nearly died when Ahmed
Johnson returned.
There it is. I am absolutely with you VintageECW. During the
first run of shows of TNA, they went through this strange periods where every
week a random “big” name would return. Vader. The Harris Brothers. Ahmed
Johnson. Paul Bearer. There was no rhyme or reason for it, they would be there,
sometimes wrestle, sometimes not, and from a storyline perspective it made no
One night in particular will always stand out to me – and this
screams “TNA” more than anything else they would ever wind up doing. With an
evil goatee, and a Hawaiian shirt, a man with a lot of rage came storming on to
the TNA set, and had a lot to say to his old broadcast colleague. What was the
POINT of this heel turn? Why was this on PPV? Why was it … impossible to look
away from it? Could it be the GREATEST night in the history of sports? Could
this be settled with a refreshing can of Surge?
This is as TNA as TNA gets. Enjoy it … and enjoy your Friday
too as we hit the weekend. I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap up QOTD. Take care.

QOTD #28: Favorite Forgotten Moments

Today’s Question:
What is your favorite moment
in wrestling history (that nobody ever remembers)?
I’m talking about topics that are never mentioned on DVDs,
rarely brought up by other people on the Internet, but really stuck out to you
as a fantastic match or segment.
We’ll dive into that tomorrow.

Yesterday I asked for you to come up with WWE Network
improvements. With the Q2 report not far away, WWE is expected to remain well
below early projections. So your ideas are both designed to maintain the
current base (which they cannot afford to lose) as well as attract new viewers.
Ryan Yoder: Kind of a small detail, and it may be
different on devices that are not PS3s, but the option to sort PPVs
chronologically would be helpful for people who would like to watch the PPVs in
order but do not know the order.
As a PS3 user, I agree. I have a fairly good memory for stuff
that happened 10 years ago, but they juggle around their lineup so often now
that Battleground might have been a September Pay-Per-View previously, unless
that was Night of Champions, etc etc. Having the lineup in order to be able to
relive the action would be wonderful.
TheGrailspiral: The network, like hbo, needs a legitimate
new idea/concept to become relevant to a larger audience. We are the core and
love the library and such. HBO doesn’t rely on its movie database, it features
original new programming. Wwe needs this. Court Bauer said they need to think
outside the box, like broadcast house shows or have a daily news show based on
the old live wire show. SOMETHING
They’re obviously trying with their programming such as
Legends House, but it’s nowhere near enough to attract anyone outside their
current subscribers. I agree with the idea, but it needs to be fresh, because
everything they do continues to cycle through the same cast, the same writers,
and the same ideas.
Mike Mears: Here’s a small change I’d love to see: have
a DVD-like menu for each show. When you pull up a show, it gives a brief
synopsis of the event. Why not just replace that with chapters for each
Considering they already own the DVD’s and have the menus
pre-made for most the shows from the past 15 years, this should be a snap.
Stranger In The Alps:
A Just Added section, along with a
schedule of what’s Coming Soon, with specific dates. And STICK TO IT!
daveschlet: More content. For example All the old WCW
Saturday Night Shows, Monday Nitros, AWA stuff, UWF stuff, and so on. And then
for their live stream, they should put these shows on at the times they aired.
Also, some new content stuff. I like the LiveWire idea I read in the comments,
broadcasting house shows would be cool too, but they might see that as
discouraging people to go to those shows. Also, more legends round table
discussions or a show like TNT used to be. Just something different. But my
major gripe, would be more content. I love the clashes and PPVs and SNMEs, but
to have the shows that lead up to all these matches would also be great.
This was pretty much the #1 choice for everyone. I get the
feeling that the appetite for WCW is a lot stronger than the WWE brass even
begin to realize. There is so much content with the Turner library at their
disposal, and virtually none of it is up. I understand that their brand is
their daddy; but fans are tuning in for CONTENT, and lots of it; and one
audience they may not have full tapped into yet are the jaded older fans who
WWE lost some time ago. Offering the old NWA, AWA, and WCW footage would be a
great place to start.
jungguy: The option to watch historical RAWs/Nitros
from each week “simultaneously” … and giving you the option to
watch picture in a picture or switch back and forth between the two as if it
were real time. Come up with creative or Network centric commercials to take
the place of regular commercial breaks.
I think this would probably be a better tool for the live
stream (or in this case, during the Wars, the “streams”), but I like the
creativity here.
DJ Sprite: Also, since they want more original
programming, how about a “My Favorite…” It could be about a
wrestler’s favorite match, event, storyline, title win… Whatever that given
wrestler chooses to talk about.
I love this. Food Network fills tons of space with “The Best
Food I Ever Ate”. There’s no reason they couldn’t run a similar feature with
the Network.
Justin Henry: I’d add the ability to make playlists.
Live-tweeting (or thread commenting) is fun with a group all watching the same
thing, and it’d be fun to make a viewable marathon with some sort of theme for
group viewing purposes
BeardMoney: Better interface. It would be great if it would
save your place, like Netflix does with its streaming content, so that if you
stop watching a show at one point, it would start up there the next time you
put it on.
I agree with this. I do the majority of my watching late at
night, or in the weekend afternoons. More often than not I either pass out
during the show, or my wife wakes up from her nap and doesn’t really have any
interest in watching Superbrawl 7. By the time I come back to it I have to
figure out where I was; would obviously be better to just stop and resume.
Steven Bellah: Create your own compilations by choosing
individual matches.
Absolutely. I think a brilliant option is to either allow a
free-for-all, or maybe niche style ideas where you can “build your own
Supercard” using the same rules we do sometimes, by not repeating a title
defense or wrestlers during the card. Also “make your own Superstar DVD”, by
giving you a list of every match they’ve ever had and let you pick the matches
to create this. In terms of custom work with their content, the sky is the
limit with this.
Basscase: The best improvement should be how they
promote the service. Having all the wrestling you could possibly want is great,
but they need to give a good reason WHY. WM for cheap? Sure. But you need to
give the average viewer an education as to what it is, what you can do, and why
you need it. You need to not so much say that it’s like Netflix/Roku, but show
what it can do and let people come to their own conclusions.
Yeah I find the line about “it’s like Netflix but better!”
really weak. It’s their brand, they shouldn’t be comparing the two, but giving
out their own benefits. They have a zillion people in marketing, this should be
their top priority without question.
We also had a million calls for International expansion
throughout the thread, which is obviously a big issue for everyone. I’d love to
stop having to pay for a DNS in order to get it, so by all means, I’m on board
with an eventual launch in Canada.
My idea for the Network is definitely an in-house option
that should be made available in time with the arrival of more content. I want
in depth Superstar Profiles.
What I mean by this, is let’s suppose I clicked on John
Cena. I could see his career in-ring record, his championships held, what
gimmicks he’s performed under, etc.
From there, let’s suppose I clicked on Championships. In
looking at when they were won, I could click on the dates and watch the match
it took place on. If I clicked on his win/loss record, I could get a detailed
look at his matches either year over year, or a full track record, starting
from Match #1.
Comprehensive? Sure, but these are easily the types of
features that marketing can sell to show they are taking their product very
seriously, and the interactive experience is like nothing else you’re seeing
Food for thought. Great discussion today guys. Have a great
Friday. Catch you tomorrow.

QOTD #17: Favorite Santino Moments

We had a hell of a lot of feedback yesterday, so strap
yourselves in, this is going to be a long one. But first…
Today’s Question:
Santino reportedly retired
on Sunday at a house show. What is your all time favorite Santino moment?
I can’t wait to read your responses on this one as Santino
is my favorite wrestler on the active roster, so I should be in for a treat
reliving some of his best work.
I’m going to dive into yesterday’s responses, but as always
if you want to skip to the end of this piece or start talking right away about
the Italian Stallion, then please scroll to the end or hit the comments button.

I had asked you what the most intelligence insulting, or
embarrassing thing you ever saw on a wrestling show. Over 400 answers came out,
with very little threadjacking. Even the Power Ranger only showed up once every
3 posts as opposed to 2, a 50% improvement!
Nick Piers: The Katie Vick angle, specifically the
funeral parlour bit. We’ve had our fair share of stupid things in wrestling.
You need to take the bad – or the ridiculously stupid – with the bad in order
to remain a fan. At its core, the inherent nature of pro-wrestling is
ridiculous. It’s built on many ridiculous concepts that you just accept. Me, I
love a good silly gimmick sometimes. I liked the Funkasurus, for example. Nothing
– NOTHING – though made me feel so completely ashamed to be a wrestling fan and
made me seriously consider not watching it (or at least WWE) anymore than the
Katie Vick stuff. That was during a period where WWE – or specifically Vince –
was getting more and more desperate for widespread media attention. So he was
trying to push the envelope as much as humanly possible. Katie Vick was by far
the epitome of that desperate envelope pushing.
Nick, you said it first, and you probably said it best. One
poster told the story of trying to get a friend to check out the WWE, and THAT
was the angle on the TV that he got stuck with. This was 100% a ratings ploy,
as things had plummeted fast in 2002 from drawing as high as a 5.4 in
mid-March, to hovering around 3.7 from the introduction of the Big Gold Belt in
September; which for the first time had put them on par with Smackdown. I hate
to even defend the guy, but even VINCE RUSSO never had necrophilia green-lit,
that man had no filter!
Petrock: That time R-Truth died from being exploded. He
got better, unfortunately.
Had he not been seen running off stage, AND had WWE promptly
released him, I’d be tempted to call this the greatest angle in wrestling
history. The fact this was never mentioned again when he somehow went from a
smoldering pile of ash back to rappin’ with Little Jimmy was the insulting
MichaelXavier: D-Lo Brown causing Terri Runnels to
“lose” her baby. It was a disgusting angle and never went anywhere. The
fact that WWE repeated it a few years later with Snitsky and Lita was also
I’m going to take issue with your hate-on of my main man
Snitsky. For starters, it wasn’t his fault. Secondly, the promotion handled it
with class, such as punting babies into the audience, and holding up no babies
signs. In fact, I ran this past my wife, who glared at me and told me that I’m
not funny. So … maybe you win on this one. In all honestly Michael, I thought
the angle was hilarious when I was 22, but now that I’m older and we’ve since had
some trouble with conception, suddenly it’s not as much fun. But Snitsky and I
are still cool.
THE YETAAAAY: Mae Young giving birth to a hand is the only
thing that can rival Katie Vick.
I know several people who still talk to this day about that
being the angle that turned them off professional wrestling. I recently showed
the Mae Young with her son, The Hand from RAW 1000 to a co-worker who was
grumbling to me about it. He was speechless.
Vince McMahon supposedly getting killed
off in a limo explosion. In fact the only good thing about the Benoit murders
was that it resulted in the angle being stopped!
Let’s not ever suggest there was any good thing about the
Benoit murders, shall we? Apparently we didn’t see the worst of the McMahon
angle either; reportedly they were planning a serious funeral for him on RAW.
Classy, as always.
WCW1987: Big Show having to do Steph’s dirty work
because he “needed to the money” same goes to HBK/JBL managerial
duties thing.
Not following you here. It’s outside the realm of possibility
that these guys mismanage their finances? Professional athletes? Not possible!
Witlon: Unforgiven 2002. We’re seriously supposed to
rather see Bischoff get a man’s ass shoved in his face than Steph make out with
lesbians? Come on, WWE.
Let’s be clear; she was supposed to make out with Lesbian
White Thunder: The WWE’s awful attempts at humor are the
most insulting to my intelligence. I like the Bill Watts philosophy of not
having anything be funny on purpose, but if it is go with it. Snitsky is a
great example of something that was really funny that wasn’t meant to be. Cole
and JBL laughing makes me gag. I get stupider as a human being every time WWE
attempts comedy.
The constant laugh-track by the announce crew makes me want
to watch RAW on mute most nights. I can’t decide if I’d prefer they bury the
segment, or yuk it up every time Adam Rose tells his opponent not to be a
lemon. Actually, scratch that – I’d prefer they just not book bad comedy.
dwaters: Mankind vs. Rock. Halftime Heat. Point of
view shot of Rock under the forklift. This wins simply because of the huge
audience it reached.
I love this pick, because I’d long forgotten about it. Yes,
as part of the Superbowl, the WWE had a chance to put on a legitimately hot
wrestling match featuring The Rock and Mick Foley in a hardcore war. Instead,
they ventured into a campy territory, playing it safe in front of a national
NoCash: A bit of an obscure one but, Vince McMahon
leading U.P.Y.O.U.R.S. Vince McMahon. Union Leader. I WONDER IF HE’S GOING TO
My office got unionized a few months ago, where I’m a
manager. With unions comes union stewards, and elections were forthcoming. One
of the employees told me “Chris, I think you should run, you’re pretty fair.” I
looked at him in disbelief and told him “I don’t think you understand how
unions work”. I’m willing to believe Ken Shamrock and Test might have been on
this train of thought, but I can’t suspend my disbelief that Mick Foley is that
Jobber123: For me the most intelligence insulting stuff
the wwe does are most of the wwe “did you know” graphics. The wwe is
more popular than every other sport combined, has 15 million female fans, and rules
all social media. We all know those are lies but they do it after every
commercial break and it adds a stench of complete desperation for main stream
acceptance to every show they air.
The #1 trend on Twitter right now is #ChristianReturns. The
world is talking about it! Please don’t independently check this!
LeeleePhoenix: Most of it was only Internet, the Tim White
suicide ‘comedy’ bits they had for a few months in 2006. Haha, playing Pop Goes
The Weasel while someone keeps trying to kill themselves. Pointless, insulting,
stupid… like most WWE intentional comedy.
Josh Matthews tried. Man did he try. But there is no way to
make a suicidal man funny. Even after 20 failed suicide attempts.
ABeyAnce1: That whole DX Little Peoples court. Come on,
we’re suppose to suspect a whole other building is under the ring?
Midgets aren’t people like you and I. Think Fraggle Rock,
just with more devious plotting.
PeteF3: Catherine White, Mick Foley, and “Lost
in Cleveland” has to be up there.
I’m just going to assume most of the BoD audience has heard
about this, but has never seen it. Thankfully, YouTube exists. Basically, Vader
beat Cactus Jack into a pulp and had him stretchered out after one of their
many wars. Somehow, this led to Mick losing his memory and moving to Cleveland
to lead a group of hobos while (WCW?) reporter Catherine White tries to get the
full story and help him regain his memory. The angle ends when Foley reveals it
was all a ruse to get a rematch, and loses the blowoff. Here’s just one of the
awful memories:
Hoss_of_BoD: I don’t think this has ever been brought up,
but during Jake Roberts’ brief stint in WCW, he had the glove on a pole match
with Sting. Plenty about this was really insulting, including Jake holding a
snake to his face pretending that it was biting him. But, the part that always
annoyed me was that Jake had really started to put on weight, and there was NO
FUCKING WAY he was going to be able to climb that pole. Fucking dumb. Bear in
mind I’m a Roberts mark.
You reference men with too much weight to climb a pole, and
somehow avoid bringing up the Carson City Silver Dollar match between John
Tenta and Big Bubba? They had to get Jimmy Hart to shinny up the 10 foot pole, because
the other two lugs spent the whole match trying to figure out how to remove the
pole from the straps to get the sock down.
James: I’ve said this a lot on here, but the
segment where Undertaker “kills” Paul Bearer and buries him in cement
was so intelligence-insulting that it made me stop denying wrestling was fake
at 12 years old.
Yeah, I’m really not sure what the point of that one was. Or
any of the times they killed Paul Bearer, to be honest. Maybe it was their
version of Kenny.
Stelio Kontos: McMahon being the higher power, completely
going against the previous few months worth of storylines. I mean, Vince really
went through several Ministry shit-kickings and god knows what else, to what,
get one over on Austin again? No amount of retroactive continuity could make
that shit make sense.
The Immortal Hoke
Michael fucking Cole spouting
off an exact weight for a guy they are selling as a legit “ohmygod
surprise” return
This is something I’ve never thought of, but it’s an
excellent point. We’re honestly in one of the worst eras of announcing ever,
and lord knows I sat through an era that saw Stevie Ray, Mark Madden, and Tony
BeardMoney: Would be remiss if I didn’t mention Randy
Orton trying to blow up John Cena using the pyrotechnics board in their Iron
Man match. There are so many things about that match that cause pure hatred to
ooze out of my pores. And I’m typically a pretty level guy.
I’m always reminded of Tony Schiavone getting absolutely
owned by Jesse Ventura in the late 80’s, when Tony tried justifying outside
behavior as ok because it wasn’t in the ring. Jesse suggested someone bring a
gun next time and just shoot their opponents since everything was legal outside
the ring. Tony tried backtracking, but Jesse wouldn’t give an inch.
Extant1979: I asked my girlfriend what she thought the
most insulting I’ve ever made her watch was. She made it pretty clear that
every Diva’s segment ever has been insulting to her as a woman. She’s only been
watching with me for 3-4 years. She doesn’t even know about Trish on her hands
and knees, barking like a dog; or the Lita miscarriage stuff with Kane; Piggy
James with LayCool. Bra and panties matches. “The way the WWE treats women
is really why I don’t like it.” Preach on, sweetheart! You don’t even know
the half of it.
This pretty much applies to any minority on the show. If you
aren’t a white male, then you’re going to be typecast. A woman’s role is to be
a filthy slut, who panders to men, and can’t think for herself. Which is
probably exactly how Vince likes it in real life.
joedust: Has anyone talked about Hogan/Warrior from
WCW in ’98? The smoke, Warrior disappearing and reappearing, Warrior in the
mirror that only Hogan could see… I literally can’t think of anything worse.
This was another case of WCW having absolutely no idea how
to book a former WWF star. Warrior had been built on a certain mystique, which
WCW mistook as MAGIC. It didn’t help that this was a Bischoff/Hogan vision of
how they saw the feud playing out, rather than sticking to what had worked his
whole career. An absolute embarrassment.
catfishhedberg: I remember Samoa Joe running around TNA with
a machete trying to take out the Main Event Mafia. He even disfigured Scott
Steiner so bad that Steiner had to wear a mask for 1 whole week before ditching
it with no scarring. If I’m not mistaken, all of this led to a swerve with Joe
joining the Main Event Mafia.
meka3000: In late 2011, The WWE Roster voting no
confidence in HHH being charge and fearing for their safety after all these
years, because FUCKING MIZ & R-TRUTH reeked havoc ONCE!
I guess the WCW roster was far too intimidated by Sid’s
non-stop powerbombs to do the same in the summer of 1999.
Ryan Norcross: The Nitro segments where JJ Dillion kept
offering Sting contracts to fight everybody but Hogan. Making him the only
person on Earth to not know Sting wants Hogan.
That was infuriating. WCW is desperately seeking a hero to
capitulate Hogan’s army, and have a former World Champion who has made mince
meat of the nWo everytime he’s struck basically willing to get it done, but the
idiot savant JJ Dillon decides what Sting REALLY wants is a match with Curt
Hennig. Which would only send Sting back to cry in the rafters for a few more
BooBoo1782: Kane promising to kill himself if he can’t
beat Austin at KOTR ’98, coupled with the gas cans at ringside that night.
Anytime you present DEATH as the stakes of a pro wrestling match, you’ve left
the bounds of suspending disbelief.
I’m guessing you’re not a fan of the Texas Death Match.
Porn Peddlin’ Jef
Anytime a wrestler is
“fired” but keeps showing up to the arena anyway.
I’d argue that most wrestlers know their limitations, and
are essentially screwed for money without the job, but you’re right. Someone
saying “fair enough, I guess that’s it. It’s a good thing I’ve been taking
those online insurance courses, I’m going to give that contract at MetLife a go”,
might be a nice twist.
Adam Moore: I’m sure this has already been said, but everyone
in WCW supposedly hating everyone in NWO so much, yet they never simply refused
to not let them in the building. Then, at Fall Brawl 96, they announced that
the NWO refused to wrestle at that show, since they weren’t under WCW contract,
unless they got what they wanted.
I think because Hogan was holding their World Title hostage
by that point, they didn’t want to risk having him take it back to New York. I
don’t want to make excuses, but that angle didn’t really bother me.
WiffleBat: Any time anyone suffers a ‘mild heart
attack’ as a result of a heel’s shenanigans. Andre, Eddie Guerrero’s mother,
Flair (TWICE), and I’m sure there are a few others I’m forgetting.
I must be the biggest sucker on the planet, because I 100%
bought Flair’s first heart attack, hook, line, and sinker. I didn’t think any
promotion would be insensitive enough to fake something like that. Little did I
know. Nicely done, Uncle Eric.
Jared Bellow: Triple H appearing on Raw a mere 8 days
after being dropped 40 feet by forklift trapped in a car. It was the beginning
of making stunts look really meaningless and it was the beginning of protrcting
Triple H to where his character was no longer believable. They should have
shelved him until February and made No Way Out a blood feud between two vicious
tweeners who will stop at no costs with the violence. Instead they built it via
endless run ins. It was the prototype for people getting murdered in these B
PPV gimmick matches and returning on Raw unscathed.
I think by this point we’ve established that death is
probably not the wisest course of action to take. I remember that PPV, and
thinking for sure Triple H was dead. If nothing else, he was headed to
intensive care and we wouldn’t be seeing him for a long time. The following
night? Barely a scratch.
The Cooler: When Seargant Slaughter, the most patriotic
wrestler in history, up and becomes an Iraqi sympathizer on a whim…and the
Iron Sheik is brought in as his buddy, only under a different name. You know,
the Iron Sheik…from IRAN. Congrats WWF, you lost me until I accidentally
caught Hart/Austin @ WM13 at a buddy’s house due to this blatant xenophobic,
retarded farce.
Of course this was such a blazing success that they felt the
need to repeat this again 13 years later with Muhammed Hassan, played by an
Italian, playing the role of an Al Qaeda agent. Because he was Islamic.
CDN: The formation of NWO 2000……Bret Hart has
Goldberg in a figure-four with the referee down. Hall and Nash show up with
baseball bats and start bashing Goldberg. Next, Piper runs down to save
Goldberg and lays on top of Goldberg to absorb the punishment. The referee
wakes up, and counts the 1-2-3 with Piper laying on top of Goldberg. Your new
champion….Bret Hart. Jarrett hits the ring and all four celebrate with all
the gold. Why would the ref make the count, at all, especially with Piper on
top, then award the belt to Hart???? So fucking funny. Because WCW.
So let’s go through that WHOLE night. Bret beats Goldberg at
Starrcade via Montreal Screwjob at the hands of Earl Hebner Roddy Piper.
Kevin Nash is so torn up about this he cuts a Real Shoot Promo about never
taking advantage of The Boys in the locker room. Bret Hart swears he knew
nothing about it, and doesn’t even want the belt, unless he can wrestle
Goldberg again. Roddy Piper for some reason here is a face, who tearfully
apologizes for his role and uses his son as a human shield. He quits, but
returns by the main event when Nash and Hall are running in. He throws himself
on Goldberg to save him from the carnage, the referee counts with Bret standing
off to the side, and YOUR winner and new WCW Champion is also the CURRENT WCW
Champion Bret Hart. What … the … bloody … hell? The band is back
together, it’s ok.
SodiePop: I still remember the Bugs Bunny backstage
skit they shot with Hornswoggle and Carlito where HW spray-painted a hole in
the wall to escape from Carlito. HW ran through it, and when Carlito tried it
he ran into the wall. I stopped watching for months after that.
This segment is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I created
this thread, and I was happy to see it referenced several times. I thought this
was a long-forgotten turd floating in the septic tank of WWE headquarters, but
it had enough of an impact to linger for years.
This was the dumbest thing I ever saw. The Bugs Bunny
cartoons are cute, because they are cartoons. We all recognize there is no way
the Road Runner can sprint through a spray painted tunnel, which is why it’s
funny. It is not funny when it features real humans who are supposed to hate
each other for real. In fact, it’s insulting to everyone watching at home.
Yes, we suspend our disbelief when we watch wrestling.  However, the entire sport was built upon the
notion that promoters had the ability to control match outcomes to suit what
they felt would get the best audience reactions. While evolution is a part all
aspects of life, the one thing all of us want from wrestling is to believe what
we’re watching is possible. As soon as you negate that, you’ve lost us all
Share in my rage with the video below.
And before I go, I’m going to share one more, because one
bad segment wasn’t enough. Hulk Hogan enters the DUNGEON OF DOOM! I’ll see you tomorrow.

QOTD #10: Your favorite title change

On the heels of an utterly forgettable Money in the Bank
pay-per-view where John Cena claimed his 15th World Title in
unspectacular fashion, I ask you:
Today’s Question:
What was your favorite
all-time World Title change in North American history?
Answers tomorrow. If you want to skip yesterday’s Money in
the Bank discussion then please click on comments or scroll right to the end.

Kyle Fitta: I’m expecting it to be the best PPV ever on
June 29th 2014.
Now there’s a man not afraid to lay it all on the line. I
recommend you scoot over to your nearest casino and put everything down on red.
And black. And 0.
ts14: My prediction? Pain.
What did you say Paper Champion? I’ll beat you like a dog, a
dog you fool!
RosAlGhulScoe: I expect that WWE is kind of painted in the
corner with the main event and with Brock being the next big challenger. I
think the ideal winner to tonight’s match would be Bray or Reigns, but it’s a
waste to give either of them the title just to transition to Brock and I doubt
they let Brock end the streak just to lose his follow up match. I’m assuming
the year-long story is Brock beating Taker, winning the title and then main
eventing next year’s Mania. Because of that, the only real solution is putting
it on Cena to give the most name value in Brock vs Champ match and also put the
title on someone who won’t be impacted at all by a short title reign.
Mister_E_SeesTheLineInTheSand: I’d like Cena to win the title just because
he can drop it back to Brock without losing any cred. Anyone that wins their
first title tonight only to get smoked by Brock in a month will be damaged
goods unless they really have a strong and compelling plan in place for them. Plus
it would tie in to the earlier Cena/Lesnar match and set up the eventual rubber
match. Best choice all around says I.
I never thought I’d be going into a WWE
pay-per-view hoping that Cena wins the title since I hate the thought of seeing
either Kane or Orton win the belt as I’ve heard many people speculate about.
The part that worries me the most from what I’ve read online is the rumour that
WWE want to swerve the fans due to that Summerslam poster being leaked
revealing the main event of Lesnar/Cena II. That’s just completely retarded on
their part because their response to this really should be looking into
preventing information from leaking out online as opposed to changing the
finish to the main event.
It’s definitely the right direction. It’s always fun to see
a new winner anointed, but the time isn’t right. The only issue here is that we’re
looking at a good year before we’re in line for any of the new blood, with
Brock pencilled in through Mania, and then either Bryan or presumably Reigns as
a back-up plan taking the ball from there.
Knuckleberry Pinn:
One thing (of many) that sets ppvs of
today apart from ppvs of years ago is just how overproduced things are. When
things are calculated to a tee, you lose the “Raw” (heh) feeling that
often makes a show great. I bet tonight for the MITB and title ladder matches
we will see ladders decorate the aisle, ladders plastered on the same HD set
that they use for every ppv, and some of the most contrived spots you’ll see
all year. You’ll probably hear Michael Cole say “wait, Sheamus is back up!
The 6’5, 260 pounder who has never won a MITB match before makes his way back
into the ring!” You’ll hear that Justin announcer (and it’s telling that I
don’t know his last name off hand) yell “SSSSJJJJJJJEEAANNN
CEEEEEEEEEEEENA!” And you know what, everything being micro-managed will
almost guarantee the ppv won’t be bad. TLC this past December was the first ppv
in ages that I thought wasn’t great, and even then it was ok. But, we won’t get
an over the top pay per view without letting things happen organically. We got
MITB 2011 as the last time the company strayed from it’s comfort zone in the
slightest, and look how great that turned out to be. Sometimes, you just need a
boring old survivor series ’02 set for a cozy feel, you need to let a ladder
leg bend and let the wrestlers figure out how to deal with it, you need cheesy
swinging hooks because, dammit, the show is called BACKLASH. So, my expectation
is a good ppv, but not a memorable one.
dynamic_dave: I’m expecting a thousand quick camera cuts
during the ladder matches, leading to seizures and a more intense dislike of
Kevin Dunn.
They couldn’t quite figure out the angle they wanted when
Randy Orton’s bare ass was on display. They were cutting all over the place
trying to decide what the hell to do – easily one of the highlights of the
match for me.
 Witlon: My biggest
expectation for the night: Jack Swagger will injure another internet favorite.
Will you accept Randy Orton getting his head split open and
eating a Sister Abigail instead?
Curtis Williams: As long as Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins come
out of the PPV strong, everything else is icing on the cake.
They made damn sure to protect all 3; the rocket up the ass
continues. I really have no idea how on earth they’re going to fit all 3 into
the main event scene, but it’s a good problem to have.
Thanks to everyone who participated. That’s it for today –
enjoy the Money In The Bank fall out, and I’ll see you back again tomorrow.

QOTD #8: Your Favorite Wrestling Trope

Happy weekend to everyone! I hope you’re not bogged down at
work like I am today, and getting a chance to roll into Independence Week with
family, friends, and BBQ.

Today’s Question:
What’s your favorite
wrestling trope?
We’ll check out your answers tomorrow. If you want to skip
yesterday’s answers, please scroll right to the comments.

The IWC loves it some great wrestling. Over the years, it
has latched on to wrestling’s greatest showstoppers, but deep down inside we’re
entertainment fans at heart; and some of wrestling’s greatest slugs can win us
over. And yesterday we were talking about those awful wrestlers you loved
anyway. We had a great turnout, so let’s get to it.
brocore: Mike Shaw, specifically Norman the Lunatic.
Norm was just such a fun character, and Shaw nailed it and was clearly having
fun with the role.
The first time I saw Norman the Lunatic was at Clash of the
Champions VII, and I was completely enamored with it. The idea that the man was
so dangerous they needed doctors nearby with cattle prods to keep the man in
check before they hauled him back to the asylum was a great twist on the normal
“monster” character – and exactly the kind of thing that could be recycled
today on a new wrestler, or someone like Kane.
Garth Holmberg, C.C.:
Andre The Giant, the later years. This is
more nostalgia from me, because as a kid renting Coliseum Video’s, seeing an
Andre match was always a big deal to me. It didn’t matter that all he could do
was hang on the ropes and choke people: He was an intimidating giant who made
even the largest superstars look like midgets. His presence alone was enough to
make me want to watch his matches, and even now, I could look past his physical
limitations because of the aura surrounding him that I don’t think anyone else
has ever been able to capture.
Starscreamlive: I’m a big mark for Kamala. Terrible ring
skills and a cheesey gimmick, but I bought it as a kid. He’s still one of my
all time favorites.
I saw him at an independent show about 7 or 8 years ago, and
I told him how much I loved his match with the Undertaker at SummerSlam. He
looked up at me, and through that facepaint, and wild eyes, he informed me
autographed photos were $10 each.
Biscuit!: The Mean Street Posse really sticks out for
me. Just hot garbage in the ring but the gimmick was a riot. To be really fair
almost every Memphis wrestler was kinda bad in the ring but all of them were so
good at getting heat.

Magoonie NOT Teddy
I know he’s not considered
“terrible” but everybody seems to hate on him, Kevin Nash. And I’m
not even talking about where he was trying to put on good matches as Diesel.
I’m talking about when he kinda stopped caring in WCW. I was still a big fan of
You’re preaching to the choir; I once ran Kevin Nash
Appreciation Month on my ShootingStarPress webpage, concluding with a poll to
determine once and for all who the greatest wrestler of all time was. Choices
included Kevin Nash, Oz, Vinnie Vegas, Diesel, and Master Blaster Steel. And of
course, his announcing was top of the line.

Jared Bellow: Everybody has this big thing about Sid only
being “carried” to good matches. Fuck no. The dude had the look, the
charisma, and a good amount of ability in the ring. He only really had bad
matches with guys he had no chemistry with. So Sid, Vader, Shawn Michaels, Bret
Hart allll just carried him, right on their backs? No. Sid is awesome. However,
he is usually put on these lists.
Jared, you win – you were the first of over a dozen folks
who named the Master and Ruler of the world as the greatest slug of all time. I
tend to agree, Sid worked with good workers, and struggled against the useless
lumps, despite having half the brain of Kevin Nash. There was a Montreal
promotion that aired a pay-per-view in Canada in 2003 I believe, and one match
was a battle royale which featured Sid just powerbombing everyone for 10
minutes. The fans ate it up. I also got to witness him crush Johnny Devine at
an indy show, and after nearly blowing out my lungs in the front row chanting “SID”
– he made a beeline for my friend and I, gave us each two giant sweaty fist
bumps, and demanded to know “WHO’S THE MAN?” Sid, of course.
Mike_N: Mikey Whipwreck. Decent worker and hilarious
when teaming with Foley as the perpetual deer in headlights. That gimmick could
only work in ECW, but it was fun for what it was.
Beardmoney: I’ve heard some knuckleheads claim Hillbilly
Jim was actually a “terrible” wrestler. I’m sorry, just because he
didn’t do the 450 Corkscrew Shooting Star Phoenix Splash off the top of a 20
foot ladder to put his opponent through a stack of flaming barbwire wrapped
tables 7 nights a week, doesn’t mean the guy was a bad worker. He just employed
a less is more style. It was as much about the moves he didn’t do, rather than
just executing random Avalanche Burning Hammer Psycho Powerbomb Destroyer
Drivers 365 nights a year. His ring-work actually meant something,
accomplishing just as much with a simple Bearhug and a couple of well placed
dance steps as your modern “extreme” grappler accomplishes by hitting
12 No Hands Flying Super Dragon Sliced Bread DDT Deathdrops.
It’s more of a revisionist history that’s been less kind to
Hillbilly Jim, I don’t think anyone from the era would disagree the man was a
good ring general. He was perfect for the over the top 80’s era, and could put
on a show when needed to.

Stranger In The Alps:
As a young Stranger, I was a huge mark
for Hercules Hernandez, both as a heel and face. Looking back on his matches
today, he was horrible. Especially in his bloated physique toward the end of
his run after the Power & Glory split.

Petrock: At the time I really enjoyed JBL’s title
run. From day one he just completely owned that character.
He definitely owned the character, but I won’t lie – 2004 Smackdown
was simply death with him at the top of the card. It seemed the more the fans
revolted, the harder McMahon pushed him just to prove us wrong.
Piperfan01: Jimmy “The Boogie Woogie Man”
Valiant, NWA, early-mid eighties, Charisma with a capital C, but when I look
back now, simply horrible in the ring. I still mark out for his matches though,
don’t care.
Jobber123: So sid is my official answer but goddamnit I
loved Mongo too. I can’t get enough of his promos or him on commentary. I don’t
know if he’s brain damaged, or just really stupid or what but that dude made me
laugh every time he came on TV. The first time I remember seeing him was with
LT during the Bam Bam angle and omg was he hysterical. His backstage promo is
the best part of wm11. My all time favorite mongo moment was when he slapped a
coffee out of goldbergs hand and yelled in his face “YOU DON’T DRINK COFFEE
When I reviewed all the 1996 WCW shows, Mongo was a pretty
standard whipping boy. One night he promised Mean Gene he’d whoop all the
pretty boys, starting with Randy Savage (the hell??). He carried around that
Haliburton like he’d never heard of a chequing account. And please don’t get me
started on the stupid ferret. Still, nothing can top the coffee segment with
the British Bulldog on Thunder in 98. We all learned a valuable lesson about
when it’s appropriate to drink coffee.
dirtyearsbilly: I can’t really say why, but I’ve always
loved Balls Mahoney. We didn’t get ecw here on the west coast until the tnn
days, but my best friend had an illegal cable box and we used to watch all of
their ppvs. As a 12/13 year old, there was something great about him. The
airbrushed chairs, the tattered jean shorts, the fact that everyone yelled
balls whenever he punched someone. I still love the guy.
Bones: Buff Bagwell…If any man wears a top hat
with a likeness of himself and is an asshole about everything is alright by me.
A personal favorite Bagwell moment came during one of his
entrances. Pointing proudly to his perfectly groomed facial hair, with all the
class he could muster, Bagwell turned to the camera and belted out “BUFF HAS A
Andy PG: Let’s be honest: Tommy Dreamer has mediocre
mic skills, very basic offense, and his back was messed up for so long he can’t
sell correctly to save his life. But WOW were his matches fun to watch.
Rusty Shackleford:
Scott Steiner is a huge favourite due to
being an awesome worker in the first half of his career and an absolute
psychopath in the second half.
I saw one of his Nitro matches with Chris Jericho from early
99 not long ago, and the thing that really stood out to me was the fact that
Steiner genuinely looked like he might kill someone. He kept stalling to go
beef with the fans in the front row, and there was more than one occasion that
night he got into a face to face screaming match with a fan just daring him to
step over the line … and you really thought he just might. Whether it was a
brilliant, calculated make-over, or roid rage, Steiner’s White Thunder was
Tom Dawkings: Surprised no mention of Warrior yet. The guy
was getting the rocket push at the time I first started watching wrestling so
Warrior was my ‘Hulk Hogan’. Plus Warrior was a cooler version of Hogan as he
was younger, more energetic and had a better look.
Basscase: Nathan Jones, only because he could refresh
himself with a tall glass mid-match.
I legit laughed out loud at this.
catfishhedberg: I really enjoyed Kronik in the dying days of
WCW. I’ve always been a mark for the invincible power teams. I also liked the
KISS Demon for some reason.
The most awful wrestler that I found
bizarrely entertaining has to be Heidenreich. His pre-match disaster-piece poetry
promos, his over the top facial expressions, his Naziesque theme music combined
with shitty in-ring work always guaranteed me being not far off from hysterical
laughter. Plus he gets extra points for trying to rape Michael Cole! Also have
to give a little bit of love to Snitsky for the whole ‘IT WASN’T MY FAULT’
baby-killing storyline over on Raw around the same time which of course lead to
Snitsky and Heidenreich’s epic gruntling and snarling confrontation at I think
Survivor Series 2004.
I was writing weekly articles at that point – and I could
not damn either of these guys with enough praise. Between their meeting at the
and the 2005 Royal Rumble (“I LIKE YOU JON!” “I LIKE YOU TOO GENE! BUT I STILL
HATE CASKETS!”), this was truly a bromance that not only needed more segments,
but quite frankly, their own spinoff.
Earthquake….I didn’t love him, but when
he was a heel between injuring Hogan, Tugboat, Andre, squashing the snake and
sending all those jobbers out on stretchers the mark in me feared him, thus his
matches were always fascinating because you knew he could leave someone laying
in a heartbeat.
Jonathan Meisner:
Beefcake. Loved him as a kid. The
outfits, the synth heavy entrance music. And, the greatest thing to ever be
thankful for, from the original Coliseum release of Survivor Series ’89. “I’m
thankful for wresting, cuttin’ and struttin’!!”
Jabber2: David BOWTUNGA. My phone autocorrected that
to all caps, which should tell you something. The swank jacket. The
ridiculously jacked up physique. Rubbing the baby oil on himself. The sweater
vests. The obnoxious slurping.
Daniel Swinney: ERNEST. MILLER. Very few men in wrestling
have provided me as many laughs on the mic as him. The time he was basically
asked to go out and kill seemingly ten minutes on Nitro and started just
ripping on fans. “I’ma whoop everybody in this arena one by one! Sit down
fat boah I can’t fight you you ain’t in my weight class. I’ll whoop… entire
NWO all by myself!” “Scott Steiner you big dumb stupid bitch! You
know I HATE yo dumb ass!” Or the time he escaped a Bigelow beatdown by
proclaiming, “I LOVE you. You my hee-ro!”
I could not agree more Daniel; Ernest Miller also happens to
be my choice. There was something positively hysterical every single time they
sent Miller out to rip on the entire crowd. You’d sit there for upwards of ten
minutes, wondering what in the bloody hell was the point – and all he’d do is
keep going. I can remember him being on the Bottom Ten Wrestlers list week
after week in 1999 on WrestleLine, but that’s only because the masses hadn’t
caught on to the greatness of the Cat.
Some of my personal favorite memories include him beating up
Scott and Steve Armstrong one night, and demanding they send out the Bullet so
he can whoop him too. On a random Thunder, he once entered the ring wearing a
cowboy hat, and demanding Sonny Onoo sing “Purple Rain” in honor of the fact he
was fighting Prince, then complaining that Prince Iaukea wasn’t the Prince he
wanted to whoop at all. And finally, Catbo.
The Easter egg in the video above, was that the 1-800 number
led directly to Eric Bischoff’s office – which had to be immediately changed
following the airing of this. Late 90’s WCW simply cannot be topped for sheer
incompetence and hilarity, no matter how hard TNA tries.
See you tomorrow!

QOTD #6: Your Favorite RAW

Happy Thursday, BoD Nation!
Today’s Question:
After 1100 episodes of RAW,
which one is your favorite of all time?
Answers tomorrow. Read on to see the discussion from
yesterday, or scroll to the bottom to start today.

Yesterday, we went off-topic, asking what your favorite
discontinued childhood food was. Overwhelmingly, with nearly 400 votes, Dave
Scherer was the overwhelming favorite. It initially popped up all over the
place as a rival to Spam, but was removed from the market years ago as humans
couldn’t digest it; truly it was a product best left for the dogs.
Let’s get to the rest of your answers. It should come as
absolutely no surprise that nearly everyone involved are children of the late
80’s, early 90’s.
I used to have quite the taste for teen
girls back in those years.
Now unavailable.
That didn’t take long.
Adam “Colorado”
Sharkelberry Fin Kool-Aid. For
I know they might still make it. Fun fact: if you mix grape Kool-Aid with dry
gin it tastes like grass.
Oh my god, I had completely forgotten about the Sharkleberry
Fin Kool-Aid. We used to devour that in the summertime. I can remember having a
giant collection of Kool-Aid points (hell if I can remember what they were
for), made up entirely of packets of Sharkleberry Fin and Berry Blue.
Chris Hirsch: Surge!!!!
You and Tony Schiavone both.
Crystal Pepsi. I haaaaate Sprite and
loved this.
You were the first of several BoD posters to mention this. I
can still hear the Van Halen “Right Now” campaign, which featured a bunch of
facts like “Computers still can’t laugh” while barrel chested men enjoyed their
new healthy soda (it looks like water!). I blew my $2 allowance on a 12-pack of
this on more than one occasion.
Extant1979: It seems impossible to find the old Hostess
Chocolate Pies. Everywhere I turn, I see the fruit-filled ones, but not the
chocolate goodness I remember as a child. Very discouraging. I used to love
those things (which is always part of the reason why I was such a chubby
It might be the part of the country you’re from, because I
have seen these in multiple spots throughout the US when I’ve travelled. I have
never ventured to try; but I may send my wife after one the next time we’re
visiting and she’s having a choc-attack.
Real, honest to goodness, Bill Cosby
advertised, Pudding Pops. Especially the veriety pack that had Milk Chocolate,
Vanilla, and Blended options, just like an interracial family.
I remember the Cosby commercial where he eats the Pudding
pop with his right hand while the left is free to do whatever it pleased. It’s
probably for the best that they didn’t look to fellow child entertainer, Paul Reubens,
to do this bit.
Ray Is A Nerd: Smurfberry Crunch. It was fun to eat. A very
smurfy breakfast treat. Seriously, I don’t think I’d eat it today, because I
don’t want to die, but damn that was a tasty cereal.
Yeah, I’ve gone from “I’ll have what the CARTOONS are having
please!” to “hold the cheese, I’m watching my triglycerides” in less than 30
years of food decision making. Wait, this is starting to depress me. Let’s get
back to the comfort food.
PrimeTimeTen: Skittles where green was lime. Fuck you and
your green apple, Skittles.
I hadn’t had Skittles in so long that I’m only Googling this
now – and am outraged my kids are going to live in a Limeless Skittles world.
This literally has changed the entire fabric of my recesses where I would trade
the red ones for the green ones. It was probably a losing proposition but I
LOVED the green ones. NOT COOL SKITTLES.
riraho: Kraft’s Tomato & Bacon salad dressing.
On salad, on just sliced cucumbers, on sliced tomatoes. That was tasty.
Get your health food out of my thread.
Beardmoney: I miss Texas Grill Fritos. The Honey
Barbecue flavor was really good. I think it’s the same flavor used for the
corkscrew Fritos, but won’t eat those because the shape is too aggressive. I’m
convinced one will jam right through the roof of my mouth and stab me in the
brain. I love Mitch Hedberg for actually doing a bit about Texas Grills.

dwaters: Hi-C Ecto-Cooler with Slimer from
Ghostbusters on the front. Loved to drink it straight from the metal can, it
made it colder and better somehow.
This was brought up time and again throughout the thread. The
mutant spawn of the Real Ghostbusters, Slimer’s mucus clogged up the drink
aisle for years after Peter Venkman had ceased being relevant. I’m fairly sure
every single member of my Grade 2 class had one of these packed in their lunch
boxes daily; lest they face the shame of being a slimeless loser.
BooBoo1782: How has no one in THIS crowd mentioned WWF
Ice Cream Bars yet? Admittedly, they weren’t that good – on taste alone, I
would have gone with a standard ice cream sandwich or a Chocolate Eclair bar –
but still, they were fun. To this day, when I pass an ice cream truck, I look
to see if they’ve made a comeback.
Well, WCW1987 actually brought it up first, but you between
the World Cup and Dave Scherer I can see where you missed it. Honestly, it’s
probably for the best they’re gone, horrified parents don’t need to hear their
kids discussing the fact they just swallowed Andre the Giant.
kbjone: Libby’s Potted Meat. They apparently
discontinued it a couple years back, and that made me sad. That on unsalted top
crackers, and a bowl of chicken noodle soup, was a pretty big part of my
If there is finer eating than mechanically separated chicken,
salt, and fat, then I’d like to hear it. We used to do the same; though with canned
pate which I believe is similar. Good choice.
Brian McGrath: The line of chips that Keebler had in the
late ’80s was tits and I google them every now and then to see if someone
picked up their recipes: O’Boisie’s, Ripplins, Pizzerias. Tato skins got bought
by another company. Apparently, O’Boisie’s were bought by Poore Bros. snacks,
and subsequently by Inventure Foods a few years back, but discontinued. Maybe
because they were only available locally and in Dollar Tree? Bastards.
I would have killed for a pepperoni pizza style potato chip
as a kid. Stupid Canada, always behind the curve!
Peter Greyy: Chef Boyardee Rollercoasters were the best.
Then they were gone. Managed to get hold of a case of the stuff, after it was
discontinued. Tried my best to make that stuff last as long as possible. Waited
too long. Last bite I ever had of the stuff was like Guerrero coffee. Miss it.
Honestly, there’s no point in rationing your favorite stuff.
I’ve made this mistake as well (Jones holiday Cranberry soda in 2004) – and it
wound up developing a strange white layer along the sides. I didn’t dare chance
J.T Murphy: SNAPPLE.
You’ll need to be more clear. Earth, Fire, Rain, or Sun? YOU
Magoonie NOT Teddy
Arizona used to make these
coffee soda drinks that were really good. Haven’t seen them around for years
Pretty sure these have been rebranded as Every Coffee Based
Energy Drink on the Market. The brilliance is they can add the word “Energy”
and charge 3 times the price of Arizona. And please Magoonie, enjoy your dopamine.
a_wrestling_god: Kraft Noodle Classics Savory Chicken was the
shit, but it was discontinued.
Now you’ve got me thinking about instant refined
pasta meals, and I realize I haven’t seen the Hamburger
Helper Wagon Wheels since I was a kid. There are a hundred awful looking boxes
of shluck in the pasta aisle, they can’t make room for those?
jobber123: I wasn’t allowed to eat any kind of junk
food as a kid so I’m less nostalgic about this stuff than other people, however
one thing I did love when I was like 9 or 10 was drinking “Jolt” cola
and getting buzzed off the caffeine. I’ve looked around in gas stations and it
seems like they don’t sell it. I used to buy two at a time and pound them.
I haven’t seen them in ages either, but apparently they’re
still kicking under the name “Jolt Energy”. I used to drink these when I worked
the overnight shift at a radio station when I was 17 to keep myself awake long
enough to remember to play the commercials.
Aric Johnson
(copyright 2014):
I consider the
nacho cheese Doritos you used to get, that were BRIGHT NUCLEAR ORANGE and
stained everything you own, permanently, to be a different product than what is
sold as “Doritos” today.
And with the legalization of marijuana, this is probably for
the best.
Marv Cresto: When I was, like, 10 or 11 years old I could
rage through 3 or 4 McDonald’s Arch Deluxe burgers, I loved those damn things
for some reason. Then like every “This is our next Big Mac” it
disappeared within months. I’m sure if I had one now I’d vomit.
Let’s not get off topic, “if you ate this now, would you
vomit” is the topic of next week’s Wednesday thread.
Stranger In The Alps:
the McDLT – in a styrofoam box, with the
cool veggies on one side and the hot burger on the other!

This would have been a rock star if not for social issues like “the environment”
getting in the way of the incredible packaging. It looks like they’re trying it again with their new BLT
Quarter Pounder, but nothing will ever possibly top the hot staying hot, and
the cool staying cool, with a less follicly challenged Jason Alexander telling
us all about it.
And on the topic of McDonalds, that takes me to my pick. I
firmly believed I would see it pop up, and am amazed we got through the thread
without seeing it. I’m talking about the McPizza.
There’s very little on the McDonalds menu I haven’t enjoyed,
but the McPizza was my favorite as a teenager. Both the regular pepperoni, and
the bacon double cheeseburger were excellent. Apparently, the wait time for
these to cook was the reason it was dropped, which makes sense when you’re
running a restaurant based on speed, but I’d be happy to wait the 11 minutes to
have one of these available to me once a month.
Have a great day all, see you tomorrow.

Favorite Instances of Trolling Crowds

Howdy BOD’ers! Taking this from the thread a few weeks back when we got another look at HBK’s tremendous “Who’s Your Daddy Montreal” promo, I was wondering if you guys had any personal favorites spots when it came to trolling crowds.

I’ll throw this one up, even though it went a minute too long, the first line was just great and had me rolling.

Favorite sell

Maybe this has been brought up at some point, but is there any trademark sell/bump of a particular move by a particular guy that you really loved? Or ones that you hated?

For instance, I'm not a huge RVD fan, but I always loved his spike sell of the DDT where he would plant himself vertically into the ground. It always looked devastating and you could totally buy the ensuing pin as the finish. Jeff Hardy planting him at Invasion immediately comes to mind. I remember jumping off the couch when RVD took the same spike bump off an RKO. I also thought Rock's backflip bump off the spear was magic. Shame that he didn't get to take Reigns'.

I hated Scott Hall's stunner sell where he wouldn't drop down to his knees but spring back like he had been hit with a master Jedi force burst. I find it somewhat strange that a lot of people seem to like that one.

And in spite of Austin and Jericho making fun of it on Austin's latest dvd set, I always loved Vince's senior citizen stunner sell, where it looked like he would die upon impact and collapse like a frozen corpse across Steve's shoulder. Oddly enough, it may be my personal favorite stunner "sell" outside of the Rock's.

Sure, I always loved Marty Jannetty's 360 flip sell of a clothesline, as I'm sure everyone has figured out by now.  Also love Hennig's trademark "take a catapult into the post" spot, contrived as it sometimes was.  I'm also a fan of the All Japan Clothesline Sell, where the guy gets knocked into next week but he's just so pissed that off that he pops up and unleashes a lariat on his opponent before falling dead again.  
And of course Rock's selling of the Stunner is the best thing ever.  

Favorite run of your favorites?

Wondering what you're favorite runs were for some of your favorite guys?

Sprung to mind while watching some 92 era Michaels, which was such good heel work, mixed with a string of excellent matches.

Shawn was really an interesting case, because he transitioned so naturally from tag team worker into a singles worker without missing a beat, and became a totally different character.  
Personally I'm most a fan of Randy Savage's run from 86-89, but that's a pretty obvious choice.  The Steiner brothers in their glory years could basically do no wrong, even taking their lackluster WWF run into account. But even then they had a ***** match with Bret & Owen.  Rick Rude's WCW run was pretty fun until the back injury derailed his career.  

UFC 167 and Favorite Fighters

Hey Scott: In another break from the usual talk, any thoughts on the upcoming UFC fight? I'm personally excited to see GSP fight a tough opponent in Hendricks, although I'm pretty sure he's going to walk away with his usual unanimous decision. 

On the subject of UFC, do you have any fighters that you love to follow? Brock was one for most of us, certainly, and Canadians are almost honour-bound to love GSP, but anybody else find themselves on your must-watch list?

Yay!  UFC talk for a change!
I think that if Hendricks isn't the guy to finally beat GSP, then no one will.  We know George can be knocked out (and now we know that Silva isn't unkillable either) and Hendricks got kind of screwed out of having a title shot last time around, so this might be the best chance to end GSP's run.  I think it's either a shockingly quick KO for Hendricks or GSP grinds out his usual decision.  Personally although I love GSP, it's time for someone new on top of the division.  
As for fighters, I find myself more invested in the Ultimate Fighter guys I've watched over the years, for obvious reasons.  I've been following the oddball careers of Matt Mitrione, Brendan Schaub and Roy Nelson since that season they were on together, for example.  I used to be a huge Jon Jones fan but he's kind of pissed away that goodwill now with being a dick all the time.  I'm also finding myself surprisingly sucked into Vitor Belfort's latest comeback story as well.  

Virgil vs Bret – My favorite match


> Long before he became a meme, Virgil was part of my favorite match from my childhood.I had watched his story progress (via renting old PPVs at Video Castle) and because of Roddy Piper's commentary, was a big fan of his. Every Monday after school my mother babysat a few of my classmates and we would watch "Superstars" on tape from the night before. We were so pumped to see a match between two… uh, WWF Superstars on tv that we actually made wagers on the match. I don't remember what I put up, but I know that I won the bet and won a Galoob Ric Flair figure from one of my pals. To this day my friend and I still get a laugh at his reasoning for betting on Virgil – Virgil's Russian Leg Sweep defeated opponents while Bret's didn't!

> Anyways, I don't have a link to the match or anything, my reason for emailing you was to ask if you (and the 'Doomers) had any matches like this i.e. matches that you loved from a pure mark standpoint.


> Long time, first time,

> Stipe

Of course. Roddy Piper v Adrian Adonis, Warrior crushing Honky Tonk Man, most of Lex Luger's output in the 80s and Steiner beating Rotundo for the TV title are all examples of matches with little redeeming value that I loved regardless.

favorite running gag

hey keithster, whats your favorite wrestling running gag/meme?
– making fun of Russo (…on a pole etc)
– bret hart's antics "(he told me with tears in his eyes")
– hogan's tales of lies & exaggerations
– flair still living like it's 1986
– cluelessness of TNA/Dixie
– Cornette being Cornette
– Sunny's arrests
???? tell us pls! TIA

I have one guy who e-mails me literally every time TNA does something stupid, so that one's getting a little tiresome.
Probably I'd say Hogan's lies, because it's always fun to write you own Hogan promos and build the exaggerations on top of each other as you go along.  Plus nothing you say can be as ridiculous as the shit he's said for real.

Your three favorite taunts?

Short and sweet, your three favorite taunts ever?

Off the top of my head, I'd go the DX non-crossing crotch chop (ah, the memories of being thrown in grade-school detention for doing such an edgy maneuver), Rocky's JUST! BRING IT! hand motion (also handy in instantly filling your Spirit Meter in "No Mercy"), and the Orton Pose, which also doubles as a good macro when you want to boast about your team's 5-2 record in the Fantasy Football League of DOOM!  _O___/

Bonus question: Dumbest taunt ever? Easy candidate for me, although you may not remember it: Orlando Jordan drawing a big "O" and a big "J" in the air with his finger. That alone deserved the 25-second tapout at Summerslam.

Best ones:  
– Benoit / AA's "cut the throat" gesture.
– The Orton Pose, because he's a living video game character anyway.
– Randy Savage's twirl-and-point, and/or the pre-elbow pose.  
And yeah, I can't imagine any worse than the "OJ" one.  

Favorite Stone Cold/Rock moment?

I was discussing with posters on a message board on the hope that WWE will do a Greatest Rivalries DVD covering the Rock/Austin feuds, and it had me wondering what Scott's and everyone else's favorite moment was involving those two. My favorite moment is actually an off-air one, where The Rock is drinking beer with Stone Cold, only to take a Stunner, pop to his feet, stumble around while taking one more sip of the beer, and walk right into another Stunner, selling it with his signature handspring backflip. As far as something on-air, WrestleMania XIX post-match, where Rocky shoves the ref away to say his private words to Stone Cold. That's a pretty awesome moment of respect right there between two of the greats.

I'm still partial to Rock adlibbing "The Rock thinks you should fire him" and then Vince trying not to crack up while tell him to stay out of it.  

Favorite Reigns

Hey Scott,
I have just one question. What are your favorite title reigns of all-time? It can be any championship, and doesn't have to fit any criteria other than you just enjoying it. Thanks!

The Midnight Express as tag champs in 1986, just for the awesome spectacle of them squashing the fuck out of guys on the weekly TV show, plus some great matches with the RNR.  
Randy Savage's first WWF title run.
Bret Hart's "fighting champion" title run in 94.
Honky Tonk Man!
Demolition's first run as tag champs.
Mikey Whipwreck's TV title reign.

Favorite WM Matches

If you were to go back through Wrestlemanias 1-27 what are your favorite matches year-by-year?  Not necessarily the best or ‘biggest’, just your favorite.

My poor inbox.  I’m trying to post 3 or more e-mail questions per day and I’m still getting way backlogged.  Hopefully Wrestlemania doesn’t bring down the entire server this year. Anyway, this is another strangely specific question, but I’m always up for a challenge.1:  Probably the main event.  2:  Funks v. JYD & Santana.  Tremendously fun tag match. 3:  Piper v. Adonis, for many reasons listed here many times. 4:  Demolition v. Strike Force because I was such a huge Demos mark at the time. 5:  Hogan v. Savage.  6:  Perfect v. Beefcake.  Great fun, would have made Beefcake into a top tier guy if not for the accident. 7:  Savage v. Warrior, duh. 8:  Piper v. Bret. 9:  Crush v. Doink for the sheer audacity of it. 10:  Bret v. Owen. 11:  Shawn v. Diesel pretty much by default. 12:  Austin v. Savio, the underappreciated. 13:  Austin v. Bret, duh. 14:  New Age Outlaws v. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk as a match, but Rock on the stretcher holding up the belt is great too. 15:  I’ll go with X-Pac v. Shane for being wildly entertaining for what it was. 16:  Hardyz v. Dudleyz v. E&C 17:  Rock v. Austin, duh. 18:  Rock v. Hogan.  19:  Brock v. Angle. 20:  Rock & Sock v. Evolution Honestly at this point they start to run together for me and I don’t have specific memories outside of stuff like Hulk Hogan saving Eugene from Muhammad Hassan, so I’ll stop there and maybe hit some points in the rants as they come. 

Favorite WM Matches

If you were to go back through Wrestlemanias 1-27 what are your favorite matches year-by-year?  Not necessarily the best or ‘biggest’, just your favorite.

My poor inbox.  I’m trying to post 3 or more e-mail questions per day and I’m still getting way backlogged.  Hopefully Wrestlemania doesn’t bring down the entire server this year. Anyway, this is another strangely specific question, but I’m always up for a challenge.1:  Probably the main event.  2:  Funks v. JYD & Santana.  Tremendously fun tag match. 3:  Piper v. Adonis, for many reasons listed here many times. 4:  Demolition v. Strike Force because I was such a huge Demos mark at the time. 5:  Hogan v. Savage.  6:  Perfect v. Beefcake.  Great fun, would have made Beefcake into a top tier guy if not for the accident. 7:  Savage v. Warrior, duh. 8:  Piper v. Bret. 9:  Crush v. Doink for the sheer audacity of it. 10:  Bret v. Owen. 11:  Shawn v. Diesel pretty much by default. 12:  Austin v. Savio, the underappreciated. 13:  Austin v. Bret, duh. 14:  New Age Outlaws v. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk as a match, but Rock on the stretcher holding up the belt is great too. 15:  I’ll go with X-Pac v. Shane for being wildly entertaining for what it was. 16:  Hardyz v. Dudleyz v. E&C 17:  Rock v. Austin, duh. 18:  Rock v. Hogan.  19:  Brock v. Angle. 20:  Rock & Sock v. Evolution Honestly at this point they start to run together for me and I don’t have specific memories outside of stuff like Hulk Hogan saving Eugene from Muhammad Hassan, so I’ll stop there and maybe hit some points in the rants as they come. 

Favorite WM Matches

If you were to go back through Wrestlemanias 1-27 what are your favorite matches year-by-year?  Not necessarily the best or ‘biggest’, just your favorite.

My poor inbox.  I’m trying to post 3 or more e-mail questions per day and I’m still getting way backlogged.  Hopefully Wrestlemania doesn’t bring down the entire server this year. Anyway, this is another strangely specific question, but I’m always up for a challenge.1:  Probably the main event.  2:  Funks v. JYD & Santana.  Tremendously fun tag match. 3:  Piper v. Adonis, for many reasons listed here many times. 4:  Demolition v. Strike Force because I was such a huge Demos mark at the time. 5:  Hogan v. Savage.  6:  Perfect v. Beefcake.  Great fun, would have made Beefcake into a top tier guy if not for the accident. 7:  Savage v. Warrior, duh. 8:  Piper v. Bret. 9:  Crush v. Doink for the sheer audacity of it. 10:  Bret v. Owen. 11:  Shawn v. Diesel pretty much by default. 12:  Austin v. Savio, the underappreciated. 13:  Austin v. Bret, duh. 14:  New Age Outlaws v. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk as a match, but Rock on the stretcher holding up the belt is great too. 15:  I’ll go with X-Pac v. Shane for being wildly entertaining for what it was. 16:  Hardyz v. Dudleyz v. E&C 17:  Rock v. Austin, duh. 18:  Rock v. Hogan.  19:  Brock v. Angle. 20:  Rock & Sock v. Evolution Honestly at this point they start to run together for me and I don’t have specific memories outside of stuff like Hulk Hogan saving Eugene from Muhammad Hassan, so I’ll stop there and maybe hit some points in the rants as they come. 

Favorite WM Matches

If you were to go back through Wrestlemanias 1-27 what are your favorite matches year-by-year?  Not necessarily the best or ‘biggest’, just your favorite.

My poor inbox.  I’m trying to post 3 or more e-mail questions per day and I’m still getting way backlogged.  Hopefully Wrestlemania doesn’t bring down the entire server this year. Anyway, this is another strangely specific question, but I’m always up for a challenge.1:  Probably the main event.  2:  Funks v. JYD & Santana.  Tremendously fun tag match. 3:  Piper v. Adonis, for many reasons listed here many times. 4:  Demolition v. Strike Force because I was such a huge Demos mark at the time. 5:  Hogan v. Savage.  6:  Perfect v. Beefcake.  Great fun, would have made Beefcake into a top tier guy if not for the accident. 7:  Savage v. Warrior, duh. 8:  Piper v. Bret. 9:  Crush v. Doink for the sheer audacity of it. 10:  Bret v. Owen. 11:  Shawn v. Diesel pretty much by default. 12:  Austin v. Savio, the underappreciated. 13:  Austin v. Bret, duh. 14:  New Age Outlaws v. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk as a match, but Rock on the stretcher holding up the belt is great too. 15:  I’ll go with X-Pac v. Shane for being wildly entertaining for what it was. 16:  Hardyz v. Dudleyz v. E&C 17:  Rock v. Austin, duh. 18:  Rock v. Hogan.  19:  Brock v. Angle. 20:  Rock & Sock v. Evolution Honestly at this point they start to run together for me and I don’t have specific memories outside of stuff like Hulk Hogan saving Eugene from Muhammad Hassan, so I’ll stop there and maybe hit some points in the rants as they come.