Fastest Title Changes: WWE Top 10

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In an instant, these Superstars and Divas lost their championships before they had a chance to fight back. Take a look at the fastest title changes in WWE history. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :

Fastest feud ever

So Cena takes the powerbomb to the apron (a death move in NXT) and two weeks later is out and smiling to set up Cena/Owens III at Battleground!?  This is what wrestling has become huh? A major feud with essentially a best of three series (all MOTYC) and it's going to be blown through in 2 months on 3 straight shows.  Why not sell the injury, have Owens do an open challenge at Battleground, win, have Cena run out and chase him off to set up a gimmick match at Summerslam in NYC?  Is there really that much fear of Cena's merchandise sales going down?

​In a word, yes.  On a recent radio show, Meltzer said that pretty much immediately after the first Cena loss to Owens, WWE got business metrics that indicated almost immediately that people were not down with the whole "John Cena doing clean jobs" deal and they made sure to put him over in match #2.  So I guess his merch numbers must have dropped literally overnight.  In other words, good or bad, Cena is still what drives business right now.  Which doesn't bode well for Roman Reigns taking over as the #1 guy.