Fast Lane Video Review

Hi Scott,
Long time reader of your stuff – All the way back to 411 days etc……
Always browse your blog, I've started this reviewing lark myself, and enjoy doing it but have 14 views….14. 
Know this isn't normally "the done thing" but I'm a 33 year old Scotsman who wants the world to hear what I have to say about wrestling. Plus im not good at it and need feedback on how to improve!
A gentle blog post with the link would be lovely 🙂 
If you like this, i'd happily do these for your blog for every WWE PPV (and NXT big event)……
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Draw at Fast Lane?

Hi Scott,

Could the DB vs RR match at Fast Lane end in a draw? If the match ended with a double count-out (hypothetically), the WWE could then declare either:

A) Triple threat match at Mania


B) Wrestlemania 10 set up where the Brock vs Roman winner fights Daniel Bryan in the main event.

I'd say because the triple threat match occurred last year, that they should  go with the WM 10 set up.

Your thoughts?

​I'm very over the whole triple threat idea.  If they want to push Bryan, they should just have him win his spot and then beat Brock.  If they don't, then further stringing people along is only going to make them angrier.  The #1 contender match at Fast Lane is manipulative enough as it is.  ​

So, Fast Lane’s gonna go well…


I'm not sure why I'm surprised but we're getting Reigns vs Bryan then?? Are WWE going to be as surprised with the reaction they get this time around when Reigns wins?

This is going to be an even bigger "fuck you" to Bryan fans than the rumble was?! This is Reigns directly throwing Bryan over the top rope himself…

Why are WWE continuously putting themselves in this position when they must know the reaction they'll get for it? Unless they're going to turn Reigns (which they're not) then they deserve what's coming to them…

Top stuff as always, Scott!!

​Yeah, but the thing is that Reigns SHOULD have thrown Bryan out at the Rumble.  Half-heartedly getting Bryan out of the match before Reigns is even in there just pissed off the fanbase.  If they had let Bryan stay in there until the end and Reigns throws him out, GREAT.  That's an actual issue between them, fans can focus their heat on Reigns, and he actually has a claim at doing something in the match to justify his push.  Much better than the authority figures being all "Uh, controversy or something, Reigns has to defend his title shot BECAUSE REASONS, FREE NETWORK FOR A MONTH!" as booking strategy.  I'm sure the match will be fine, but when all your major angles are damage control to salvage your previous bullshit booking decisions, then you're not doing something right.  ​