Good ol’ fashion Christian revival?

Got an email from BoD Main Eventer, Jobber123, with a small request for some talk about Christian’s possible assent back to the main.

“Hey dude I was wondering if would put up a post on Christian going over
ADR in a non title match on raw (a “week” after adr goes over sheamus).
It seemed like he was coming back to be a jtts, and was an afterthought
as any kind of main guy. But since he’s come back he’s gone over a few
big names (and del Rio is probably in the top 5 of most protected guys).
Is he getting another main event push? I think so. Why not? Fantastic
worker, attitude era tie in, great on the mic. I’m not saying he main
events any ppv but I’m betting he gets a run at a couple whc feuds. Does
the blog think this is a good thing? I know we all love Christian, but
guess whose spot he’s taking? Dolph zigglers. So are we OK with that or
is this hhh putting an old vet name up the card and fucking ziggler?” 

In all honesty, I don’t think there’s any plan for Christian. I think it’s just coincidence that he’s gone over the bigger names. I really don’t have any faith in WWE planning anything coherent like that. Plus, if they’re going to screw with Ziggler & ADR like they have, why on Earth would they make Christian a top contender? I don’t say that because I don’t think he deserves it, or can’t hold the position, I just don’t see the WWE team looking at him like that.