WWE “Super Fans”


What’s your take on the current crop of super fans like Brock Lesnar Guy and Frank the Clown? I was at a house show last night in Rockford, IL and I sat a few rows from Frank. He acted like a self-important jerk and spent a lot of the time loudly talking about his experiences meeting whichever wrestler was currently in the ring. This is also the same guy who threw a fit on Twitter when he wasn’t on WWE’s list of super fans that they put on their website. The wrestlers must think this dude is a creep, right?

Guys like that are the WORST. Maybe it’s just the Canadian in me, but I always hated being a pest to the people in the business who were nice enough to make contact with me, and certainly never going to a show and bragging about it. For me it’s on the same level as the indy-fan dorks who sit in the front row and loudly cheer the heels while telling the 13 year olds beside them about all the "backstage newz" they read on second-hand websites. Because I lived through THAT era as well. These are probably the same idiots who start "This is awesome" chants for everything. I HATE THEM ALL.

Does Ambrose need to win to win back the fans?

Dear Scott,

Just wanted to ask an excruciatingly long, painful and pedantic question with ten parts to it followed with a juggling demonstration on your head (ha!):

Does the WWE need to put the title on Ambrose to get the fan bases's trust back?


P.S. I am surprised no one has done that joke yet actually, or maybe they did and I missed it? 
I think you're the first.
Anyway, as Dean, I think he'll be fine if he loses.  He can always do something wacky on Monday and get his heat back, given that no one is really expecting him to walk out as the champion anyway.  

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Good News For Chikara Fans

At the “National Pro Wrestling Day” event, Icarus came into the ring with a sign that he held up to the camera with the date “5/25/14” written on it, the date that CHIKARA Pro Wrestling is said to be coming back.

The show was shown live on Youtube, here is the video:

WWE hates its fans

The ending of the PPV last night made me pretty upset and I wrote about it: http://stholeary.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-wwe-hates-its-fans-and-they-keep.html

It's been a pretty depressing couple of months, watching Bryan been buried in the worst way possible. And they were so close (again) to something so good.

I really wouldn't say Bryan has been buried.  He's just not the bulletproof top guy that he should have been after the Cena win.  A lot of people were waiting for the rocket push and we got WWE sticking a firecracker in his boot instead.  

Bullying Fans

– Alberto del Rio vs. a fan (he ripped up a little girl's sign and mocked her for crying, the mother is making a stink about it, Dixie Carter called the family and offered them tickets to BfG and a meet n' greet)

Just wanted to note that this particular news item is particularly annoying from all sides.  WWE is so far entrenched in the Be a STAR crap that they should be monitoring this kind of nonsense, but also clearly this kid is not cut out to be a wrestling fan.  Like holy shit, if I was lucky enough to get ringside seats in 1988 and Ted Dibiase tore up my sign and laughed at me, I'd be BRAGGING about that shit at school the next day!  I'd probably still be telling that story on the blog to this day.  THAT'S WHAT WRESTLING FANS DO.  We get yelled at by heels about how our mothers are whores or we're fat boys, and we're ENTERTAINED by it.  So yeah, WWE should probably stop doing the cheap heat stuff that is more associated with wrestling than sports entertaining, but this mother should also find a more suitable hobby for her son, like chess or computer programming.  
Also, it's nice that Dixie is trying to throw some goodwill their way, but isn't she forgetting about one of her main heels?  You know, BULLY Ray?  Kudos all around there.  

So are we fans screwed?

After the end of tonight's Raw, I really want to know, is there no fucking point screaming at how God-awful things have gotten with Cena vs Punk this fall? That come hell or high water, they plan on destroying what is left of Punk's credibility to prop up the piece of shit John Cena all in the name of having Cena get the belt and beat the Rock (another thing NO ONE but Cena and the WWE want to see)?
I came back to the WWE because of Punk and given the shit sandwich being served for three fucking hours daily, I have to ask if there is any point fucking bothering with wrestling again if the WWE seems dead set on spiting fans and fucking going out of their way to vindictively bury the only guy to give the company a sniff of mainstream attention these last couple of years, for the sin of getting over without permission and humiliating their "chosen one", who was made to look like the unliked bastard stepchild he is in real life? Should I just fucking quit watching, out of disgust and knowing that the company doesn't give a fuck about what the fans want, just what Mattel and the charity vultures want, due to it rigged marketing testing?
Jesse Baker

Sorry, what?