Fake Razor/Diesel


Been watching the 1996 Raws as they've come out lately. Can you shed some light on Fake Razor/Diesel insanity? Was Vince trying to prove how intellectual property laws worked or something? Why was JR portrayed as the villain that introduced them? We were supposed to hate JR because he got fired after contracting bells pallsy? The entire thing made ZERO sense on any level and the reaction they got is Michael Scott during Diwali level awkward. 

It was so weird.  Vince's point, as best as I can tell, was that the characters were the intellectual property of the WWF, and thus if the people playing the characters were to leave, they were replaceable.  Frankly I'm not 100% sure, but that seems to be the gist of it.  It was also something dealing with the lawsuit that was launched over the "we're here to start a war" rhetoric but I was never clear on what was supposed to be proven there.  I actually thought Rick Bogner was a pretty good hand, but that gimmick just killed him for good.