Fastlane failure

Fastlane may go down as the least paid attention ppv in history. The buyrate will I bet be less than 30k and the network is free in february. But the killer is the oscars…who on social media will post anything about fastlane with that on. If the E is counting on the diehards make a better damn show. Thoughts?
​There's ANOTHER major show in February besides NXT Rival?  Could've fooled me.  The worst thing with Fastlane (besides the name) is that there's basically only two outcomes to the main event fans can get:  Either Reigns beats Bryan and everyone is miserable, or best case is that they book some sort of screwjob no-contest finish to make WM a three-way.  Who would seriously be enticed to buy this show?  
Just watch NXT again instead.  I guarantee it'll be better.  ​

Predictions of failure

Hey Scott, big fan and all that. I've been thinking a bit about Wyatt, and I'd like to think I saw the problems with his gimmick a bit earlier than other people (e.g. he can't do any of the stuff he promises, the gaspy promo is repetitive as hell). So my question for you is this, has there been a time in which a good deal of people were raving about a wrestler and you had a strong feeling that they just wouldn't work out and then they proceeded to fizzle? Who were they and why did you know that it wouldn't work?

​Well I knew Raven was going to die on the vine in WWE, but then that was hardly a Nostradamus-level pick.  I knew they would give up on Bo Dallas pretty quickly and that's exactly what happened.  There's tons of cases in WCW, but that was different animal, where typically it was because WCW fucked it up and not because of anything they did.  ​I can't think of any other cases specifically off the top of my head, though.  

Ryback v Lord Tensai: Failure v Success

Both are former talents who were gone and then came back. Both squashed people only one man went over huge and the other is in a gimmick death dive I don't think it is a case of Mr Perfect v Red Rooster where one person had a far more marketable gimmick.  Is it really a matter that more people just recognized Albert or is it a matter of Nikita Koloff-Goldberg-Ryback having more charisma  Or a case of Lord Tensai begin a slow moving squasher and Ryback being a fast moving squasher? Curious on your take. Wayne

"Mr. Burns, your campaign has the momentum of a runaway freight train…"  
I think perception is an interesting thing, because Ryback hasn't actually beaten anyone of note, but he's current getting a good reaction, so the perception is that he's over.  However, keep in mind that he has not moved ratings one bit (and in fact, ratings have plummeted in the month since his megapush began) and he's never even been in an advertised PPV match.  I'm not saying he's the reason for the ratings troubles, since he's rarely featured at a point where he could make a difference, but please do keep in mind that his actual push to the main event only started two weeks ago.  This is PLENTY of time for him to crash and burn just as dramatically as Tensai.  Actually, Tensai hasn't done anything "dramatically" since his debut, so that's probably a bad analogy.  But the Cell PPV could (probably will) be a total flop, the fans could turn on the gimmick if the Punk match doesn't work, and Vince could wake up the next day and have Ryback doing jobs to Zack Ryder.  One never knows, so I think all the talk about programming him with Lesnar or Undertaker is a wee bit premature.  
However, if we want to compare, then yes, Ryback squashes guys quickly and gets out of there before he can get exposed, whereas Tensai bored the people from the start and never recovered from it.