QOTD 150: Lets Expose The Business!

The coolest thing about wrestling is that even though it’s largely choreographed, a lot of wrestlers do a great job of making things seem real.

Others do not.

So lets expose the business!

What are wrestling ‘things’ you can’t stand because they look fake / stupid? What’s the most ridiculous, fakest thing you’ve seen in your wrestling fandom career? 

I have a few.

I always hated when the wrestlers got standing top rope move spots messed up – resulting in a really awkward moment where the guy about to get hit just stands there waiting to get hit. Generally I think it’s better if the guy gets up AWAY from the turnbuckle with the dude on it, and then turns into the oncoming move or whatnot.

I think it’s neat wrestlers slap their thighs to make that “SLAP” sound on most kicks – feel free to share those kind of things too – stomping your foot with a forearm, slapping your other hand with a punch, etc.

I have a few more that’ll come to me, sure.