The Brock Lesnar experiment

I know you haven't been watching weekly (much like myself) but where do you stand on the part time Champion? Has the experiment failed, or can it be considered in any way a success? Nothing seems to be improving the ratings but has it raised the prestige of the title? Or has it not being there harmed it? I suppose the other main question would be if it hasn't worked, could it have been done differently and it absolutely could have worked? Will the part time 'special attraction' champ be more common moving forward? Thanks Scott, loving your work. (Oh and Reigns/Lesnar could be the weirdest styles clash I've ever seen. The WWE must have faith they have a **** match in them… Right?)

​I think it was an interesting and worthwhile experiment, but we really need the World champion to at least defend that sucker every 30 days.  Yes, the TV title defenses and such were deflating the importance of the belt on a weekly basis, but taking to the extremes of having Brock be gone and not even MENTIONED for months at a time is just too much and leaves the product completely directionless.  Having someone holding it and only defending on PPV is the happy medium they should have gone with, but it would have made Brock too expensive to use.  
So I'd call it a good idea in theory, put much like communism or geometry, not all theories work out in real life.  ​

The Curtis Axel Experiment

Hey Scott,

So, it's been a few months now and just as most of us predicted the Curtis Axel experiment has been a considerable flop. They put the IC title on him and it has faded into the background with him. What I want to know is why they took a gamble on Axel in the first place. He is not particularly great in the ring, he is (I'm sure most will agree) painful on the mic, so what drove them to believe this would work when most of us quite accurately deduced it was destined to fail. Is it because HHH was tight with his father? Did they want to see if Heyman could work a miracle and get him over? Do they actually see something in him that we don't? Perhaps you could enlighten me because I don't understand it at all.


I think it's similar to Fandango, where Vince runs hot on a guy for a time, then like a kid with a new toy gets bored of him and moves on to something else.  Axel's barely on TV anymore and didn't even work Summerslam so obviously whatever big plans they had for him, we're looking at it.  But hey, they tried (kinda) so that's better than they usually do with new guys.  

Tag Team Division Fixes via Sociological Experiment

I had a theory about why the tag division still isn't really picking up steam despite a popular tag team at the top of the heap…

I asked 5 friends of mine (varying in age and fandom) to name the first 5 tag teams that sprung to their mind, and what they remembered.  Here are the basic results:
Demolition – Bad asses/great finisher
Road Warriors – Bad asses/great finisher
Hart Foundation – Great team/great finisher
British Bulldogs – Great team/great finisher
Midnight Express – Best team ever/DOUBLE GOOZLE.
See a common trend?  Tag teams with memorable finishers seem to resonate with people.  Even Power & Glory, a nothing team with no titles to their credit, is remembered today because of the powerplex.
That being said (and admittedly my focus group was small), I can only think of one tag team with a double team finisher, and that's the Ascension (and they are garnering quite a cult following already).  Do you think that if each team had some unique finisher as opposed to being called TEAM (fill in the blank), it might boost the division?  Even the last time the division was good, we had the Twist of Fate into the Swanton, the 3D, etc. 
Your thoughts…

Hells yeah.  I'm all about the awesome tag team finishers, I think everyone knows that about me.  That's why Hell No is so frustrating, because the WWE writing guys are still stuck on Act One of the story, where they're the wacky tag team who don't get along, and there hasn't been any progression from there.  Once they won the tag belts they should have moved onto coming up with an awesome finisher (like a spike tombstone piledriver!) and gelling as a team.  Instead, it's the usual underpants gnomes booking pattern of "funny idea, ???, profit!" where we spend months in a holding pattern because they don't know where to go next.