Are you excited…

Scott, hope all is well.   Waiting for the late NFL game to start, and reading some BoD.  Was just curious on some completely subjective things…
– What PPV were you most excited to watch, for whatever reason?  Mine was WM 14 – Most excited you were for a wrestling "reveal?"  3rd NWO man?  Higher power? – Favorite wrestling "moment?"  Im a sucker for retirement stuff, so I gotta say the HBK farewell speech.  This was guy who was a self described asshole, who was hated by almoat everyone, that changed his life around and was being completely transparent and real in his retirement address.  Just great fucking stuff.  Second is probably Austin and the beer bath. – Biggest letdown, whether it be match, reveal, angle, etc?  Just curious to your answers.  Thanks…officerfarva
Most excited PPV:  Wrestlemania XV or 2000, mainly because it was the main gathering of people at the apartment, and in particular with 2000 it was coming off two huge shows in 2000 and we all geeked to see Rock finally win that damn title back.  
Most exciting reveal:  Third man, no contest.
Favorite moment:  Piper smashing up the Flower Shop on crutches.
Biggest letdown:  Luger choking against Yokozuna at Summerslam was a pretty big disappointment after all the weeks of build.