Big Brother Canada – Triple Eviction

You've been pretty quiet regarding Big Brother on the blog.  What did you think about the Triple Eviction episode?

Usually twits can spice up a season but it really feels like BBCan has interfered way too much in the game this season, and it is nearly impossible to play strategically with all these unexpected twists without just getting lucky. I'd be surprised if BBUS Derrick could survive under all these ridiculous twists and interference.

Your thoughts?

I'm a day behind on viewing because I don't have cable any more, so first up thanks for not spoiling anything.  
This season has been getting progressively more annoying as it goes on, mostly because they're all a bunch of boring slobs who suck at comps and are handing the game to Zach and cowering in fear from him.  In general I don't mind producer interference if it means:
a)  Messing with the houseguests to punish them or just to drive them nuts.  Good examples would be the challenge where one person had to break into the vault and another person had to keep them from getting in, and neither person knew about the other.  The rodent scare from BBUS last season was one of the best ones they've done, as another example.  Making them work for furnishings and basic necessities was a GENIUS idea, and they dropped it after one episode!  
b)  Twists that are fair to everyone and reside within the rules of the game.  The ridiculous "double veto" fan-voting twist this season that production was barely even able to EXPLAIN before it went into effect was one of the worst ones ever.  

Now, for stuff like the triple eviction, that's a different layer of interference altogether.  This season has been VERY low-rated and apparently there's network pressure to just wrap it up already and free up the three days a week for something people will actually watch.  Having five minutes of recaps every episode isn't helping the excitement level, either.  And when was the last time we actually ended an eviction episode knowing who the new HOH was?  The production has been terrible this year, the challenges are looking cheaper as the season progresses, and everything is sponsored by someone in order to finance the show.  The timings on the episodes are all wrong, and you'll see stuff like production spoiling the POV winners in the "Coming up…" teasers at the beginning.  Just real bush-league errors that CBS hardly ever makes.  Not to mention editing the show into a series of "showmances" like the ridiculous attempts to make Willow and Sarah look like the lesbianest lesbians who ever lesbianed.  

So yeah, there's only two weeks left and I'll finish it, but GOD has this season sucked.