Fastest feud ever

So Cena takes the powerbomb to the apron (a death move in NXT) and two weeks later is out and smiling to set up Cena/Owens III at Battleground!?  This is what wrestling has become huh? A major feud with essentially a best of three series (all MOTYC) and it's going to be blown through in 2 months on 3 straight shows.  Why not sell the injury, have Owens do an open challenge at Battleground, win, have Cena run out and chase him off to set up a gimmick match at Summerslam in NYC?  Is there really that much fear of Cena's merchandise sales going down?

​In a word, yes.  On a recent radio show, Meltzer said that pretty much immediately after the first Cena loss to Owens, WWE got business metrics that indicated almost immediately that people were not down with the whole "John Cena doing clean jobs" deal and they made sure to put him over in match #2.  So I guess his merch numbers must have dropped literally overnight.  In other words, good or bad, Cena is still what drives business right now.  Which doesn't bode well for Roman Reigns taking over as the #1 guy.

Worst name ever?

Hey Scott,

Was thinking about this the other day, after reading a review of some old WCW card that had Kwee Wee wrestling on it:  What do you think are some of the worst wrester names ever?  I'm not talking about shitty gimmicks that found their way into the name (Red Rooster, Firebreaker Chip), but stand-alone names that were horrible.

I've got Kwee Wee (obviously) near the top, along with Zan Panzer, Dolph Ziggler (although he's overcome it), and maybe Don Kernodle.  What say you?  

What's wrong with Don Kernodle?  You might as well bust on Nick Bockwinkel while you're at it.  

Developmental of course has held the record for bad names lately, although to be fair they're more horribly generic than BAD, per se.  Kwee Wee was absolutely awful, one of the worst.  I think the worst by a country mile was WEE WILLIE WILKINS, but that was more of a specific rib by Dusty Rhodes rather than any kind of attempt at seriously naming someone.  And I know others are not on my side on this one, but I always hated "X-Pac" as a name.  Never worked for me and didn't really represent anything about the character.  

Bruce Hart had some epic bad names when he was booking Stampede, like "Principal" Dick Pound and a million other stupid puns.  Speaking of which, I also thought TL Hopper was terrible, unless you're counting that as part of the gimmick.  

Lesnar: best ever businessman in This Business?

Hey Scott,

Is Brock Lesnar the smartest businessman in the history of the industry? Given his current payouts, the way he's always done whatever the hell he want, I think it's a given. Even when it's not been especially good for business (New Japan) he's held the main title and gone over. The argument is made that Lesnar would lay down for anyone, yet he rarely does.

Ioan Morris

I still feel like Hogan is, for maintaining that level of money day in and day out for nearly a decade even when all he had to offer was smoke and mirrors.  Brock made some really dumb business decisions for a while there, whereas Hulk would still be a multimillionaire many times over if not for his divorce and assorted lawsuit issues.  Hulk managed to convince WCW to pay him 25% of PPVs that he wasn't even on!  You have to respect that a little.  

The most bogus act Sid ever pulled off

Hey Scott,

Can you explain why so many people seemed to have thought Sid had the potential to be a top draw, "the guy" level, main event player? Obviously he's got an imposing physique and had a certain charisma in that insane intensity, but I can't imagine why anyone would ever see him as anything more than a great candidate for Hogan's 80s monster heel of the season. He could never work, to the point that he was sometimes dangerous, he got by on that intensity in his promos, pretty much never saying anything of substance, and his energy was so aggressively (p)sychotic that I can't imagine why anyone would ever think he could be a babyface. I'm mystified as to why this guy was being positioned as the future at certain points in both WWF and WCW- did he ever really draw? Why? Who was paying to see this guy?!


Way more people than were ever going to pay to watch Roman Reigns.  Sid at least had an actual star presence and charisma in his own weird retarded way that is sorely lacking in today's "stars".  

WWE Earnings Call: Now losing less than ever!

This is probably behind the paywall on the Observer site, but basically WWE managed to cut the losses down to 1.6 million due to massive cost-cutting that offset all the money they're wasting on movies and such.  TLC set the new bar for PPV at 39,000 worldwide buys, but Royal Rumble translated to about 270,000 new Network subscriptions, so that's clearly a success.  No indication of current subscribers, so it probably dropped below a million again.  Network will be expanding to all of Canada sometime in March.  
Only things of note in the questions was someone asking about NXT and Vince basically admitting that, yeah, they're throwing the hardcore nerds who subscribe to the Network a bone with it.  Also, someone asked about the Rumble reaction and Vince got all butt-hurt, likening it to fans getting upset that the babyface didn't win right away.  Even though, you know, the babyface DID win.  

The 25 Lamest WWE PPV Endings Ever

Hey Scott,

Hope this will distract you from the clenching fury that are your kidney stones, although reliving a few of these is probably just as painful. The worst closing scenes in WWE PPV history, covering some serious ground.

​Thankfully water and Flomax passed the stuff out without incident this morning.​

The Most Unwatchable Wrestling Match Ever

Hey Big Poppa Poutine,

It's a cold winter, WWE kind of sucks right now – let's see if we can funnel that negativity into something fun.

There are matches out there with worse workers, more botches, worse finishes. Often they're so bad, they're good!

The most unwatchable wrestling match I've ever seen is Beverly Brothers vs. Bushwhackers at the 1992 Royal Rumble.

I would rather watch two full episodes of Southern States Wrestling than watch this match ever again. Even recaps of it make me angry.

I CHALLENGE THE BOD to find a less watchable match!

Hugs and kisses etc.

Uncensored 96 main event.  

Also, you can now get poutine Mexi-fries up here at Taco Time.  It's delicious, of course.

Cena = worst partner ever?

I read the Cageside review and I'm glad I wasn't alone wondering where the heck Super-Cena: defender of all that is true and good was while Dolph got beaten up by 4 guys and screwed out of his title, or when Sheamus was put through a table, or Show choked out.  Does Vince realize how unlikable their child friendly star appears to be to anyone over 12?   Is there a worse message to send the so called PG fan base than "sit around and watch your friends get beat up, don't worry they'll still defend your honor".  Not too mention, Cena is likely going over strong for the Brock-push, so literally the ENTIRE roster, face and heel will be buried by Cena's booking.  His team looks stupid and clueless for risking their jobs for a selfish jerkwad, and the authority will be jobbers for him.  He is the real life equivalent of the high school jock and NO ONE likes the high school jock!   They should just pair Nikki with him already
​Not to mention that now everyone who did stand up with him is risking their job (in storyline) if they lose.  And while we know Cena would get hired back somehow the night after, do you really think anyone is going to stick their neck out to get Erick Rowan his job back?  
This is what happens when they lose all their top stars and have never bothered to make new ones.  All Cena, All The Time! ​

Most bizarre WWE factoid ever?

Hey Scott,

Try this one on: Ambrose/Rollins from Sunday is the third WWE PPV singles main event ever where both wrestlers were in their 20s.

The first two? Taker/Taker and Taker/Yoko, both 1994.

It's a useless fact, but goddamn is that a dumbfounder.
Was Undertaker seriously that young in 94?  Damn.  

Most Watched Matches Ever?

Hi Scott, 

I'm listening to the Place to be Podcast of WM VI and they mentioned how Hogan v Warrior being one of those matches that most wrestling fans have seen a hundred times.  What do you think are the Most Watched Matches Ever? The matches that are watched over and over and over again and have been seen the most times by fans?  Thanks as always!



I personally have seen Rock v. Hogan a TON of times, oddly enough.  Other contenders would be Savage v. Steamboat, Raven/Richards v. Pitbulls, the entire Barely Legal and N2R95 shows (dubbing those over and OVER for tape trades) and indeed Warrior v. Hogan.  

Mega Powers angle: best ever?

While revisiting the Mega Powers angle in your SNME re-rants, where you would rank that in the "best angles ever" debate.  It started in October 87 on SNME and if you end it at WM5 it's till nearly a year and a half of perfect slow burn.  It elevated Savage to full time main eventer forever and drew shit loads of money.  I'm born in 82 and grew up a WWF fan.  For my money, that was the best ever.  Austin/Hart Foundation 97, Austin/McMahon 98, and the NWO are up there too in my opinion.

Certainly it was the biggest money drawing angle ever for a single match.  Creatively as well I'd have no problem putting it up there.  It was the kind of year long planning they just don't do anymore.  

Top 10 Most Overrated Video Games Ever

Here’s an interesting one that I came across, a list of the most overrated video games of all time, done by voting, rather than just some guy doing a 411/Bleacher Report top ten list:

For those not wanting to click on the link (it’s not in slideshow view), here’s the top 10:

1. Call of Duty
2. Halo
3. World of Warcraft
4. Angry Birds
5. Minecraft
6. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time
7. Halo 3
8. Grand Theft Auto 4
9. Final Fantasy X
10. TNA Impact (what?)

I would have put #6 and #8 at #1 and #2, respectively, and I can’t argue that any of the top 9 should be bounced, but TNA Impact at #10? I’ll admit I’ve never played it, but from everything I’ve heard it’s nothing special, I don’t recall people raving about it at the time.

Anyway, the link actually contains the top 100, and there’s some surprising picks on there. If nothing else, this is way more interesting than talking about soccer.

Best NXT creation ever?

Based on what I saw on NXT Takeover last night, I believe that
Charlotte has to be the greatest wrestler that the NXT developmental
program has ever developed completely from scratch.  Does anybody
else, male or female, even come close?

​Dolph Ziggler.  He's still the best they've created from scratch by a mile.
I mean, Charlotte is freakishly gifted and could very well go on to be the greatest woman wrestler ever and stuff, but if you watch her week to week she's still very green and clearly Natalya was the driving force in getting such a great match out of her.  ​Watching her against someone like Alexa Bliss, for example, shows that she can't carry anyone yet.  But for the level she's at, she's amazing and absolutely deserved to get the title.  

Best Free TV Match Ever

Hey Scott,
All the clashes going up in the network made me wonder about something. Obviously most all time great matches took place on a ppv but with so many more eyes on a match when its aired on TV, it seems like that makes great free TV matches even more special. What would you say is the best one ever? Sting vs Flair? Cena vs Punk? The raw 10 man tag? DBS vs Owen? The Benoit vs Hart Owen tribute? Hbk and Austin vs Owen and Davey? There are so many to choose from but what's your favorite and do you think a great match on free TV is a bigger deal than a great ppv match?
​I'd have to go with Flair-Steamboat by a mile, but there's certainly some other good ones in the list.  The best I can remember watching live were Michaels & Austin v. Davey & Owen and then of course Austin & HHH v. Benoit & Jericho, and the latter one instantly became one of my all-time favorites.  I think with the weekly nature of TV, great matches kind of get forgotten faster there, whereas PPV is treated as a special big deal and thus you're more likely to remember something big that happened at, say, Wrestlemania than some random RAW.  But really, a great match is a great match no matter where.  ​