Authority Eternal?

Is this it for WWE?  With everyone knowing HHH and Steph are taking over for Vince, are we left with an unending perpetual Authority storyline.  Will Kane and J&J just be here beating guys like Ambrose on distraction finishes forever?!  Consider this last year: Team Cena defeats The Authority thanks to Sting at Survivor Series.  5 months later, at Wrestlemania HHH beats Sting, and Authority guy Rollins wins the Title.  Now we're 5 months later again, NOTHING has changed.  Do you foresee anything in the near future that can deviate this because Raw's ratings are plummeting, and they keep giving free months away.  So pardon the expression, but isn't doing something different, dare I say, best for business?

​Yes, but the problem is that they've conditioned the audience to tune out when HHH & Steph aren't around because they know nothing of importance will happen, and then when ratings drop as soon they go, they get rushed back onto TV again to repeat the cycle.  
At the very least we're getting something different with Cena and Kevin Owens right now, although even then they're already threatening to burn that one out too fast.  But yes, they desperately need to just bite the bullet and make someone new on top.  ​