Steve Austin, WWE Estrangement, WM 2016 and the CM Punk factor

Anyone think that the way that the WWE drove CM Punk out of the company might be one of the main factors for why Austin is not too thrilled with potentially coming back to the company in an expanded role? Let alone at WM 2016?

Given the constant on/off rumors that the WWE wanted to run Punk/Austin as a WM type match, do you think that the WWE driving Punk away, effectively killing any hope of such a match, might be why Austin doesn't want to commit to next year's Wrestlemania?
Even with Cena effectively doing his usual "tacit heel" posturing during the match to compensate for a crowd that is sick of him, there is no real appeal for seeing Cena vs Austin, on a creative level. Punk at least could make for a decent match plus the fact that the build-up could be a thousand times more interesting for someone like Austin, in terms of promo work (you'd never get a storyline as ready made like with Punk with Cena with Austin involved).

​I don't think the two things are particularly connected specifically, but there does seem to be more of a "take this offer and shove it" attitude from longtime guys the more we go along here lately.  I'm pretty sure if Austin had any interest in returning, the Cena match would be enough to get him, even if the Punk match was his #1 choice.  I just don't see 50 year old Austin suddenly deciding to return after more than a decade gone and with millions in the bank.  ​