Bring Back the Attitude Era!

Hey Scott, just had a great idea for how the WWE can resurrect The Attitude Era on commentary using their best commentator, Booker T, and the champion, Seth Rollins. Booker T should just start calling him SEX Rollins! Everyone could play nice at first, then after a few weeks (I'm all for long builds), have JBL start going "Are you saying "sex", Booger T?" And Booker is all "NO WAY PATNUH I WOULDNT SAY SEX ON TV DONT BE RIDIDCULUSDUSOUS!" Then we have nerd-ass Cole "Ya know Booker, it kinda sounds like you are saying "sex" a little bit!" This will obviously lead to a triple threat match between the commentators at Wrestlemania 32. Then have Lawler start saying puppies again when he calls that match and the Attitude Era is back!

​They are literally leaving money on the table by ignoring this potential direction change.  ​