Question about longest running & most Emmy award winning program ever

Two thoughts I was interested on everyones opinion after watching the first episode of Monday Night Raw.

1. What’s the deal with Rob Bartlett? He keeps calling Yokozuna “Yokozuma” and makes fun of Macho Man’s “Ooooh Yeah!” within the first five minutes.

2. Yokozuna is probably my favorite bad “worker” ever. As an adult, his matches are deathly dull, but as a kid he had this mystique which was so unique. This made me think…favorite bad worker?

Bartlett was just one of the things about Raw that didn’t go right. Keep in mind they’re trying to make this thing as radical, fresh, and new as they could. So, that was Rob’s part. He’s brought into this world he doesn’t know, and was probably just trying too hard to fit in. And while Yokozuma isn’t great, it’s a hell of a lot better than You-mang-ah. Plus, Rob was cool enough to send in an email to the blog and basically apologize. You can’t dislike a guy like that.

Kevin Nash, hands down. While a lot of people think he’s a terrible worker, I’ll always mark for him, and happen to think he has a vast amount of pretty damn good matches. But if we’re talking real, legit, bad-workers, than probably Glacier. I always got a kick out of him having to take his basic, original, idea and be turned into Sub-Zero on live TV, using these God-awful martial-arts moves while Larry would critique and give his approval, since he had a subscription to Black Belt magazine.