ECW on Syfy 01/19/2010 #189

After a dramatic recap of last week’s ECW Homecoming we get the announcement of Christian vs. William Regal so this show still has a pulse.

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ECW on Syfy 01/12/2010 #188

I needed a week off due to all the horrible shite going on in wrestling but don’t worry, I’m sure the death rattle of ECW on Sci-Fi will cheer me up. Tonight, it’s finally The Homecoming Finale and we get a dramatic video package to pretend this hasn’t been boring crowds senseless these past few weeks.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #373 – 17/06/2000

Hello You!

More Hardcore TV for ya’ll

Last week Paul Heyman vented his spleen for the world to see, and it probably didn’t help with getting him or ECW into TNN’s good graces. Let’s see if there’s any fall out for that this week.

Time for some chuffing wrestling!

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ECW on Syfy 01/05/2010 #187

It’s the first episode of 2010 and let’s ignore that giant moon heading ever closer to the brand and focus on CM Punk vs. Mark Henry instead.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #372 (10/06/2000)

Hello You!

Here we are with some more ECW, as Justin Credible’s reign of meh continues on.

Hopefully they actually start some proper build to Heatwave this week.

Let’s watch the wrestling you chuffing beauties!

This week’s matches are taped from New Orleans, Louisiana

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ECW on Syfy 12/29/2009 #186

We’re in IZOD Centre in New Jersey and in the spirit of ECW ’98, the champion is here to guest commentate until his contract gets sorted out. Christian is thrilled to sit next to Josh Mathews and Bryant Gumbel (I don’t understand that reference but it’s the only thing of interest he says all night.)

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ECW on Syfy 12/22/2009 #185

We’re in Orlando, Florida to continue the road to ECW Homecoming (while the brand continues down the road to the knacker’s yard).

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ECW on Syfy 12/15/2009 #184

We’re in Laredo, Texas and Alleged GM Tiffany has invited former champ Kane to show up, as if WWE would consider bringing an old star to the C-Brand to boost ratings in 2020.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #369 – 20/05/2000

Condolences to the friends and family of Larry Csonka and Shad Gaspard, who both sadly passed away this week. There’s actually a Go Fund Me up for Larry’s daughters if you feel like you want to contribute. I’ll put the link below;


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ECW on Syfy 12/08/2009 #183

We’re in Houston, Texas and Josh Mathews is starting the show so you’d better bring some rope to tie yourself to your chair in case you fall off with excitement.

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Mike Reviews – ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000 (14/05/2000)

Hello You!

It’s time for another ECW pay per view, one of which I thankfully have the official Laser Light Digital version of so I can enjoy it with all the real music and whatnot. If I recall there is a really random edit in one of the matches that never made any sense to me, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

This event hasn’t been promoted all that great, with a paltry three matches officially announced on the go-home show. I’ve not bothered to go back and check what the buy rate was, but I imagine few outside of the ECW diehards were going to bother buying a show where more than half the card hadn’t been confirmed in advance. That might still mean that the show defeats WCW Slamboree 2000 though, as when it comes to having barely any of the card announced or a full card with David Arquette defending his World Title in the Main Event, the former is likely to do better than the latter.

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ECW on Syfy 12/01/2009 #182

We’re getting near TLC and nearer to death so why not have new talent debut?

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #367 – 06/05/2000

Hello You!

So last week ECW decided to put the World Title on a certain fellow known as Justin Credible. Yeah, as you can guess that was a tad controversial back at the time and is still roundly criticised to this day. Still though, let’s see if Justin can present himself as a credible (pun partially intended) Champion going forward. I mean, his first feud is likely going to be Tommy Dreamer, so it might take a while like, but we could get there eventually…maybe…

Chuffing wrestling, let’s watch!

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ECW on Syfy 11/24/2009 #181

We’re a few days removed from Survivor Series, a show that had very little ECW interaction as the other brands wonder how many more hints they need to give to the C-Brand. We’re in Bridgeport, Connecticut and The Abraham Washington Show is tonight so let’s get this over with.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #366 – 29/04/2000

Hello You!

Cyber Slam 2000 happened the previous week, so tonight we’ve got some matches from that and we will also learn how the ECW World Title situation will resolve itself. That particular situation ended up being pretty infamous amongst the ECW fan base due to how it all ends up.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

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