Mike Reviews – ECW November to Remember 2000 (05/11/2000)

Hello You!

It’s time for what is traditionally ECW’s biggest event of the year in the form of November to Remember. To be honest, they haven’t really hyped it as a show of such consequence, with them only announcing the Main Event on the go-home show, with the match itself being a confusing “Double Jeopardy” bout, where two singles matches are going on at the same time, with the winners then facing one another for the ECW Title.

If anything, the match they’ve hyped the most is the Flaming Tables match, which isn’t really featuring any top of the card guys. I get that a flaming table is a pretty big spot with which to end a match, but you’d hope that a company would have a bit more to hang it’s hype hat on when it came to something that is supposed to be a WrestleMania equivalent event.

Anyway, I’m sure there’ll be some good wrestling on this show at least due to the ECW lads and lasses always working super hard, so let’s settle in and watch some chuffing wrestling!

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