Mike Reviews – ECW November To Remember 1998 (1st November 1998)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I decided to do this one as I’ve only got two holes remaining in my original ECW pay per view archives, so I’ll do this one now and we’ll get to Guilty As Charged 1999 sometime in January. The big storyline going into this one is that Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Taz have formed an alliance because they’re just sick of Shane Douglas, Chris Candido’s and Bam Bam Bigelow’s nonsense, but it’s a loose alliance at best and liable to collapse at any moment.

I’m watching the Laserlight Digital home VHS version, which has a notable edit where part of the Tag Title match is cut out, but it does have the real music whereas the WWE Network version doesn’t, which makes it the superior cut of the show by default in my opinion.

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