Hamburger Ebook plug

Hey Scott,

I know this is a little off-brand for you, but you've plugged my burger-related projects before and I was hoping you would do again. Wrestling fans love burgers, right? Of course they do, everyone loves burgers. After years and years of abusing my body for my burger blog, I put all the data I've gathered into a burger tome ebook and published it on Amazon ( 

Thanks! Looking forward to a lot more Brock Tock (talk) in the coming year.


I also love burgers, but here in Canada BBQ season is only 2 weeks long and we don't have any of the good burger chains, so we have to make them out of weird stuff like bison up here.  
Brock of course makes his burgers out of the meat of the elephants that he clubs to death with great white sharks.  

Ebook Plug 2: Running Back the Revenge of the Sequel’s Return: The Re-Reckoning

Hey Scott, Talbot from the blog here. Dunno if you remember, but you gave me a plug with my debut E-Book back in April, and it helped it reach all the way to #3 in its category on Amazon. So, you know, thanks for that. 

Anyways, I've got a new one out, and would be super grateful if you felt like giving it a plug. It's called Hungover & Handcuffed, and aspires to hardboiled, pulpy detective action in the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Black Mask Magazine. It has fuck-all to do with wrestling, but, uh… there's a serial killer who tortures people with a cheesegrater? There's a metaphor involving the phrase "deep throated a muppet?" There's.. violence, sarcasm, and explosions, mostly. At any rate, it's only 99 cents and has already reached #12 on the "Crime Fiction: Noir" charts, so people seem to like it.

Anyways, here's the link:

And the cover: 

Thanks in advance! 

PS: As a promotional tactic, there's also a free story about the main character available on my blog at

Double thanks!