E-Mail from Daniel Bryan’s Mother

Hello Scott, I'm Daniel Bryan's Mother.

I'm deathly afraid for my son because he worked so hard to reach this point in his career and, now, after only a year or so of making main event money, he's down with a career-threatening neck injury. I'm worried that he hasn't been able to save enough money to make his years in WWE count and, God help me, he ends up like Dynamite Kid.

Please console me and let me know that everything will be ok for my boy.

​Wow, what an honor.  Well, since the Network has apparently imploded tonight, I have time to answer.  First up, wouldn't you call him Bryan and not Daniel?  But I'm getting sidetracked here.  Clearly this is a legitimate and serious e-mail.  However, given that I'm not his doctor, I can't give you a legitimate and serious answer.  
Also, aren't you dead?  Just curious.  
If not, you might want to keep his bedroom maintained, because I don't see him coming back any time soon.  And Brie Bella doesn't come cheap.  ​

Scott Answers A Fuj E-Mail

Just bought your worst ppv book on kindle and you HAVE to 2013 Scott sez one of these ppvs.

-GAB 91
-GGW/WWE (literally 3 spittakes from your review. All Snoop Dogg comments)

An ECW PPV you don't like. I vote N2R 98

The #1 Draw

OK, you bought a book, so I owe you an e-mail response on the blog.
Bash 91 really needs a redo and if I can track it down on Dailymotion I'll do it up sometime soon, promise.  
The Girls Gone Wild thing is such a product of the time.  Can you even imagine them having their name associated with something like that today?  2003 was a strange time in a lot of ways.  And yes, Snoop Dogg was the only thing saving that show.
Is there any ECW PPVs I liked?  I forget, but I'm thinking no.  I can certainly Scott Sez a few of them for a theme month, though. 

E-mail link back

Just a quick note, as a couple of people have asked about the daily e-mail updates, so I added that widget to the sidebar for those who enjoyed the option before.  Any further suggestions, you know where to find me.