I Bought Some Wrestling DVDs And You Can Win Them

Earlier this month I thought I’d try the Pro Wrestling Tees’ DVD mystery box where you get seven DVDs for about $20 (not bad when you factor in a Fourth of July sale). Since I don’t keep DVDs, I have no reason to keep them so I thought some of you might be interested.

The DVDs are:

Jimmy Hart Shoot Interview
Lucha Bros Shoot Interview
Bam Bam Bigelow Compilation
Monday Night Wars Debate (Eric Bischoff vs. Bruce Prichard Moderated By Chris Jericho)
Best Friends With Chuck And Trent?
PCW Release The Kraken (Blu-Ray)
PCW Relentless

If you want all seven of these, pick up any three of my books (ebooks, paperbacks or a combination) and send me some form of a receipt (Screen shot of one, forward me the receipt, whatever. I’ll take your word for it.) to [email protected] and I’ll mail you all of these 100% free of charge (I’ll pay the shipping). I’ll watch these ASAP and send them out ASAP. As you might have guessed, this is of course first come first serve with only one set of them.

Let me know any questions you might have.

Thomas Hall

Change of perception after watching DVDs

Hey Scott, I was wondering if you ever have completely changed your perception of a wrestler after watching their DVD? I’ve found this happening to myself. I used to love CM Punk because of his straight edge lifestyle (which I still admire that aspect of him) but after watching his DVD I just think he’s a whiny little bitch that cries when he doesnt get his own way. On the other hand, I use to despise HHH but after watching Thy Kingdom Come, he seems like a really hard working, smart guy and a great father to his girls. Any similar experience for you?

Certainly not like yours.  

Blog Question: The Network vs. DVD’s

With all the talk about how the WWE Network is gonna kill PPV revenue, I haven't heard anyone address how it's gonna affect their DVD revenue.  Do you think this is gonna dissuade most folks from plunking down $20 for each of their DVD/Blu-ray releases, since most (or all) of that content is now gonna be available on the Network?  Thanks for your input.

Yeah, well, Thor might be available on Netflix six months after the fact, but that didn't dissuade me from buying the Blu-Ray, ya know?  Streaming services will never replace collectible hard media for the type of people, such as myself, who still want a shelf full of STUFF in their man-cave.  I wouldn't worry about the DVD market.

The new WrestleMania DVDs and the future of WWE releases

Hey Scott – wanted to offer some commentary up on this really good piece at WWEDVDNews.com:

The WrestleMania re-releases are out now BUT 1-14 are the exact same discs that were in the WM Anthology from 2005.  This is a shame for 14 as it is the last WM that still has blurring (The Silvervision Tagged Classic set that had WM XIV remains the only unblurred DVD + had the DX band's opening number in it) but not surprising given how cheap these are ($10-$15 retail now – i'm sure they'll be $5 post Mania).
The real interesting DVD is WrestleMania XV – which is not the Anthology release and IS unblurred.  This is the only one they actually did anything with before re-releasing but there's a big downside as detailed in the link.  They went back and edited out the choking – and I'm not talking about Big Bossman's hanging.  They cut it out of the title match and in other places, replacing it with b-camera footage from the event.  Fortunately XV was released in '99 on DVD (their first) and that is still out there for collectors.
The big deal for me here is the PG editing of matches and how it will impact future releases.  I mean, the title match has been on other sets in the last couple years – without those edits. Is this a PG thing for only these Mania sets or will future liberties be taken with past Attitude Era matches?

More importantly, I can finally get DVD copies of 11-14 to complete my set without shelling out for the Anthology set?  SWEET.
This also raises the question of what happens to matches like Wargames or the bloody NWA brawls if the Network ever comes to pass (BWAAHAHAHAHAHHA!)  because obviously they're not gonna be airing that stuff for the kidz to watch on free TV, and otherwise we'll be left waiting for random DVD releases later.  The editing is really a troubling thing for me, even though I grew up in the era of Koko v. Martel at Wrestlemania VI getting cut down to a minute long in order to fit the show onto a 2:40 tape.  This is supposed to be the digital age now, where everything is preserved by the last company standing and history is somewhat respected, and now they're altering matches so that people aren't choking other people anymore.  Either do it all or nothing — if you don't want to release it with the matches and presentation intact, then don't release it at all.  

Oldest WWE footage used on DVDs?


What is the oldest WWWF (or whatever) footage you can recall seeing on a DVD? Either as a short clip, or a full match? 

Well the short clip from their (former) opening montage is the oldest existing footage of wrestling, and I believe Karl Stern mentioned it was shot by Edison and just recently discovered and reconstructed. The clip as you see it is all there is.  As far as more "modern" stuff goes, there's tons available on YouTube, most famously the Caddock/Stecher match which was the previous champion of oldest surviving footage.  After that, there was tons of cheapie black-and-white compilation tapes of the 50s and 60s you could buy in the Wal-Marts and such while VHS was still a thing.  I saw quite a few good Sammy Steamboat and Argentino Rocca matches on those, in fact.  I think it was stuff taken from the DuMont shows, but I could be totally wrong on that.  
Does any footage from the company's days as Capitol Wrestling Corporation exist? 

It was all taped over or lost, as far as I know.  Certainly there's almost zero footage of Bruno's first title reign because they didn't really start saving tapes until the 70s, because otherwise you would have seen it all released in some form by now.  

Also; in this opening what era/federation is the very first bit of footage (during the "Yes sir, we promised you a great match" voiceover)? 

As noted, that would be two nameless guys shot by Thomas Edison in what would have to be the late 1800s.  

Blog question about DVDs

Out of all the wwe DVD releases which would you say was the best in terms of the documentary and teaching you some things about the subject you didn't know before?

On the same note what was the worst? Or at least the most disappointing.
Honestly, I tend to only half-watch the documentaries because they're generally such a cookie cutter production anyway.  Childhood life, talking heads, Steve Lombardi, stuff that happened within the past two years, blah blah blah.  I can hardly even remember any of them, except for the World Class one, which was spectacular in a lot of ways that WWE DVD sets usually aren't.  
Worst was probably the Warrior disc, which could have been an interesting examination of the guy and of course was turned into a gigantic hatchet job instead.  Like him or not, Warrior was a huge part of the childhood of a lot of current fans.  

Title reign DVDs

What specific title run would you want WWE to make a DVD about? Not necessarily a documentary, but a collection of matches, promos, and other segments. 
It could be any title, from any era.
Only one rule: No combining reigns to make a bigger set (i.e., no putting Christian's two WHC reigns together to make one DVD set – although why anyone would want to relive that mess is beyond me). One reign = one DVD set. But you can make as many DVDs as you want. I mean, it's all hypothetical, isn't it? 

Interesting question.  I'd have to say Randy Savage's first WWF title run in 1988, because you can document the entire Hogan-Savage storyline that way.  Maybe Honky's IC title run?  

Rock/Cena on THREE Dvd’s?!

Hey Scott, long time reader, yadda yadda
I just read that the 'E is releasing a Rock/Cena Once in a Lifetime DVD to cover the story of that rivalry and the match at WM. At first I was thinking "Hey, this could be something I grab for my kids as they love both guys and it could distract them for an hour or two" when I realized that…the DVD is going to be THREE DISCS.

How in the blue hell are they going to fill THREE discs for a rivalry that has so far only consisted of two matches (SurSeries and WM, although I suppose they could include Rocky's run-in during Cena-Show). Do you think they'll just rehash every single promo? They'd have to right? Or will they include matches for both guys that don't even involve the other to establish why each guy is a legend? This isn't Rock/Austin or Rock/Triple H, these guys have only wrestled each other one time!

I think they will probably indeed replay every single promo and angle, yes.  It's certainly an interesting idea for a DVD set, even if it would personally cause me to shoot myself in the face out of boredom after the first disc.  This might be a test case for another set like that in the vein of the D-X sets where it's literally everything from start to finish.  Plus they have to make up that extra Wrestlemania buyrate money somewhere.  Overestimating by 200,000 buys doesn't pay for itself!