Star Wars Drop on MCDU

Hi Scott,

I noticed this week Marvel Comics Digital Unlimited dropped 500+ legacy Star Wars comics that they have the rights to (regardless of original publisher) on the app. I haven't read most of the Dark Horse era, do you or any of your readers have some reccos to check out beyond the recent Brian Wood series?

Btw, MCDU has been everything I wish WWE Network would be since they sorted out their apps a few months ago. New content regularly and bugs few and far between.

​I actually started a new subscription for Marvel Unlimited because its getting close to the point where they'll be adding stuff from around the time I dropped out in the winter, and that way if I get the itch again I'll have the app right there.  ​Plus, as noted, a shitload of Star Wars content.  I also got a bunch of SW comics off a Humble Bundle recently, so I'm good to go there.  

Bump in the Road – Part 6: The Drop

Hey Scott,

Part 6 of Bump in the Road just went live. Could you do your magic and share it, please?

This is the final part of the series, not including the epilogue or afterword. I'll write and post that by this time next week. Naturally, I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has enjoyed this series. I can only give my deepest and humblest thank you to everyone.

Nick Piers

Hulk’s Gonna Drop The Legal Legdrop, Brother

I'm not gonna link to the original Gawker page because a) Google has very strict policies regarding that sort of content and b) Zanadude would just say I should have watched Main Event anyway.  But regardless, I find it kind of funny and very Hogan-like that he originally claimed that he didn't know the woman in question and didn't know he was being filmed and yada yada, and now it comes out that in fact it's Bubba the Love Sponge's wife (at the time) and he obviously does know her and knows exactly what's going on.  I think Linda should take him back to court for this, just so she can get whatever money he was actually left with after the divorce.