NXT debbie downers

Screw this crap! NXT is more entertaining than anything the main roster is putting out
Great distinctive characters & gimmicks (Owens, Sami, Enzo/Cass, Breeze, Sasha, Vaudevillains, Bayley etc), good-to-great workers steadily improving, good logical feuds (all title feuds, Emma vs Bayley, Itami vs Breeze), commentary is way better, Full Sail crowd is mostly hot and appreciative (besides some annoying chants and being tired after a few hours into the taping cycle)……….of course there are weak points, but hey its developmental as well as an own brand, improvement is needed and necessary Greetings Von meinem Trappakeeper3000 gesendet

​Is NXT backlash really a thing now?  I mean, it is possible to, say, be horrified that Dana Brooke is getting put on live TV without burying the entire brand.  ​