Eighth Annual Doomie Awards Nominations Poll!

As has been the custom for the last seven years, early January signals the time for the Doomies, where the Blog votes on and bestows honors to the best and worst of professional wrestling in 2021.

This year voting will be different than previous years.  There will be a 10 day period of nominations for all categories, which will be tabulated with the traditional formula of a first place vote getting 5 points, a second place vote 3 points, and a third place vote 1 point.  After tabulating nominations, the top 5 will then be moved to a winner take all voting process on a Google Form where people will vote for one of the nominees.  That voting process will take a week.  The new process will a few extra days, but should produce a greater consensus around a winner, something that has not happened in some categories over the years.

Another change is that there will be a “Men’s Wrestler of the Year” category.  There will still be an overall category of “Wrestler of the Year,” which can include votes for men’s and women’s wrestlers.  Previous Wrestler of the Year winners will be grandfathered in as winners of the “Men’s Wrestler of the Year” category.

And again, a reminder that “Commenter of the Year” is not a writer award but for any of your favorite people to talk to in the comments section of the Blog.  Another reminder that traditionally if a company does a “brand split” that the brands are considered separate promotions.

Additional voting information is included after a brief history of the awards:

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2020 Doomie Awards!

After allowing for a two week voting period, the 2020 Doomie Awards have been decided.

This year saw a marked increase in voting over the previous year, with a record seventy-eight ballots submitted.  That more than tripled last year’s voting, which saw twenty-three ballots cast.  So thanks to everyone for voting (and for several of the Doomie campaigns for raising awareness).

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Seventh Annual Doomie Awards Poll!

I hope that everyone is having a great start to the New Year.  It is time again for the Doomies, measuring the best and worst of the wrestling world in 2020.  Ballot information is included after the jump.

A reminder that “Commenter of the Year” as an award is not for a writer, but for any of your favorite people who makes comments on the various posts on the Blog.

Voting information is included after a brief history of the awards:

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