What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – January 5, 1991 (Start of a New Series!)

In 1990 the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) decided to pivot from the formula that made it a global brand.  Hulk Hogan, the company’s longtime champion, wanted to get into Hollywood and spent much of the year offscreen.  At WrestleMania VI, Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior defeated Hogan for the WWF Championship.  The match was supposed to make the Warrior the new face of the company, and the WWF hoped that the Warrior could continue Hogan’s profitable run into the new decade.  However, the Warrior quickly proved to be a flop, drawing poorly on house shows against Rick Rude, having an awful television title defense on Haku on Saturday Night’s Main Event a month after WrestleMania, and ending up as the third wheel in the Legion of Doom’s feud with Demolition.  His run was also hurt by the WWF not fully committing to his run, giving Hogan the prime feud of the summer against Earthquake.

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