Done with the observer

Hello sir,

I just want to take a second to speak about the sorry state of reporting breaking wrestling news.

Like many that visit this site, I joined the wrestling observer website because it made me feel that I was connected to the business of wrestling. My friends watched wrestling but I was the guy that had the behind the scenes dirt because I was willing to pay the ten bucks a month to find out the scoops before everyone else.

Now after every story is reported by everyone else I have to hear Meltzer say oh I've known something was going down for weeks blah blah blah. Then why haven't you said so on one of 35 shows you do every week in between all of your well you know/I don't knows?  I'm not paying to hear Bryan Alvarez talk to his grandmother. I want the dirt. You acting like this fountain of knowledge while not giving your members the information you have is a disservice. The truth is no one really breaks news in a professional and entertaining way anymore. The inside fan is better off just going on to get the scoops.

​I think a lot of that is valid, actually.  As much as I love the daily Observer Radio shows with Dave and Bryan, Dave can be really evasive about stuff or does a lot of "Oh, ask me after we're off the air" to protect sources and such.  And yeah, I also find the Granny and contest portions of the B&V show a drag and generally skip them.  And the Todd Martin departure was such an embarrassment on a lot of levels for them.  I will say I'm enjoying Filthy Tom Lawlor's appearances thus far as Todd's replacement.  And for me, as you can probably tell by now, having the 1996 Observer archive to get insights from the time while I'm reviewing the shows is invaluable and worth the $10 a month for me by itself.  Which is not to say Dave himself can't be kind of a jerk about things at times, but personally I get my money's worth out of the subscription even with all the flaws.  It's not like Bryan isn't TRYING to make things better​, but even the F4W board has pointed out a lot of the same things.  

The Deal Is Done!

…and the stock is plunging as a result.  WWE didn't actually announce the real number, merely that all the TV deals put together total $200 million, which puts the value of the new deal around $160 million, or even lower than I guessed.  It's an increase, but nowhere near the double or even triple they were promising for months.  So, uh, not good.  Hopefully they don't start purging the roster now.  

Ken Anderson and Mickie James done with TNA


"Oh no, we're losing Mr. Anderson, let's just shut down the promotion right now", said no one, ever.
Mickie James should totally try to get on Total Divas and shill her CD, though.  The bitchy drama would write itself.  

So yeah, I’m done with RAW

As you probably surmised from the cable cutting, I'm incredibly burned out on WWE and TNA both right now, and so I'm calling it a day on the RAW reviews after two years of doing it again.  This now gives me a chance to do what I REALLY want, like NJPW reviews and old Mid-South.  
So I'm now looking for new reviewers for RAW and Impact.  Any interest, let me know!  

New Jack done with ‘Daily Show,’ barks at Dog the Bounty Hunter


I'm shocked and appalled that New Jack would be unable to secure steady employment for himself.  

Has DC Done Something Stupid Today?

Read more about DC’s PR disasters at The Outhouse.

They’ve really been on a roll of bad decision-making since the New 52 started.  I was reading GLC #20, which is an “epilogue” to the First Lantern story, and I was like “Wait a minute, did I miss Green Lantern #20 where all these important plot points were supposed to be revealed first?” but no, they’re just shipping it TWO WEEKS after the Epilogue to the big crossover they’ve been doing for the past two months. 
Every month makes me more of a fan of Marvel, and the Marvel Unlimited app finally coming to Android helps with that even moreso. 

The Rock’s Done?

Hey Scott.

This was tweeted by The Rock earlier today:

"Mania may have been my last match. The 3 year goal was to come in & elevate the @WWE. Then proudly "do the honors". #RockTalk"

So, yeah. Rock's probably done. Again. 

Any thoughts?

I made my peace with him leaving in 2004 and everything else is just gravy anyway.