DC Comics Doing Some Major Reshuffling

DC Comics is not only cancelling about 20-some titles, they're introducing a very diverse line-up of books. Black Canary, Starfire, Cyborg are three that jump out. There are a LOT of promising titles in this, honestly. The big thing they're touting is that they're going to focus more on the stories and less on continuity. Which sounds like they might finally give creative teams more breathing room. For the last few years, even before the new 52 launch, there were countless stories of how hard editors were on creative teams. So that's a good change.

Sounds like DC is trying to compete a little with Marvel's more diverse line up of comics and especially Image's diverse line of titles. Though boil it down, they're all still superhero comics, unlike Image's very diverse line. And it sounds like many of their main superhero titles, like Justice League and Superman, will still feel more like early 90s Image Comics than the DC comics I grew up on. Shame. But with this new direction, that might change, too.

​Yeah, as I mentioned before, the SUPER DUPER EVENT OVERLOAD burned me right the fuck out and I've been on an extended hiatus from comics in general since around October.  Honestly, at this point I'm happy with The Flash every Wednesday on Hulu, because it packs more nerd joy into one episode than I've gotten out of DC's comics line in many years.  GRODD GRODD GRODD GRODD GRODD!  Plus a Prison Break reunion with Captain Cold and Heatwave?  How awesome is that?  
On the Marvel side, I really really really miss Superior Spider-Man and I actually think it was a grave miscalculation to not just give Ock a new identity and let him be Venom in a new city or something.  It really sucked the fun out of the Spider comics for me when he left.  

Kamala is not doing well

Very interesting and touching article, although I have to agree with the note of skepticism that Hogan wouldn't take care of one of his biggest opponents.  Those Kamala matches drew like gangbusters because everyone instantly bought him as a threat and they could milk it for months around the horn.  You can say a lot of things about Vince and Hogan at that time, but they always did honest business with guys who were making them box office.  


Submitted for your approval is the greatest moment in broadcast television history:

With the recent announcement that Call of Duty is going to be played at the X Games this year as an official ‘sport’ I figured it’s a good a time as any to poll the ottiance. 
What’s your favorite X Game? Ever skateboarded or motocrossed or did a sick flair on a Mongoose bike? Would it be a good place to try out that “Pro Wrestling as an Olympic Sport” model?

What about those classic X Games video games: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Agressive Inline, Dave Mirra’s BMX 2, and that ESPN Snowboarding game that better than it had any right being – Ever play those? 

Is TNA actually doing the right thing?

So TNA fans are up in arms about AJ Styles possibly leaving the company (http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=79794) but the strategy behind it makes sense. If they know that the guys in the current spots aren’t going to draw more $$$, doesn’t it make sense to build for the future by signing 4 or 5 younger wrestlers for the price of one salary? Isn’t this exactly what everyone has been saying is the problem with TNA in the first place? 


Yeah, really AJ might as well sow his wild oats while he’s still got value.  He’d be a perfect fit for NJPW right now or as the big fish in the ROH pond.  Probably not WWE.  But yeah, TNA has pretty much told all the stories with him that they can and it’s best for both if he moves on.

Doing the Job

You pointed out that Steve Austin did a crazy amount of jobs,
considering he was the #1 guy in the company. A while back, you
basically said the same thing about The Rock: that he could lose to
anyone, then go out and save face the next day with an interview.
So my question is: if The Rock and Steve Austin constantly did the job
(compared to the current era top guys) *and* became the biggest
mainstream wrestlers since Hulk Hogan, when / why did WWE change its
mind and decree that their top guys have to be virtually invincible?

I think it’s less that they felt guys have to be invincible and more that they feel everyone should be booked even-steven, so that no one is able to become “bigger than the brand” like Rock and Austin did.  Really, the only invincible babyfaces left are Cena and HHH.  The guys on top still do lots of jobs, but now it’s incredibly difficult to regain their heat right away because of the stop-and-start pushes and crappy promos.