Murder in the days of early MMA Documentary


> Hey Scott,


> Long time blah blah. I've been filming MMA documentaries since 1999. Along the way I've encountered all kinds of stories. For the last year, I've been trying to tell the most bizarre one of all. We're almost done, we just need a little help getting there.




> BTW, if all you ever review is old WWE Network PPV's, I'd still read.


> Eddie Doty

Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that. Good luck!

GAEA Girls documentary

Hey Scott,long time reader and big fan here. Was wondering if you've seen what I would consider to be the finest pro wrestling documentary out there "GAEA Girls". It's pretty intense to see what these girls go through to make it in Joshi Puroesu. These ladies would eat the Diva and Knockout roster alive and shit them out that's for sure. Highly recommended. 


eah, the Japanese training methods in general are INSANE.  The stories of hazing rituals that go on for both men and women would probably make JBL blush.  They make DAMN sure that anyone coming up in the system is serious about making it, and I guess it's hard to argue with the results.  

Fwd: Trailer for Christopher Nowinski documentary

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From: "David Montgomery" Thought I'd pass it along, there's an upcoming documentary from the director of "Hoop Dreams" (considered to be one of the best documentaries ever, if not THE best) called "Head Games", which chronicles Chris Nowinski's quest to bring to light the issues of concussions in sports, esp. for young athletes. The first trailer was just released:

Wrestling Documentary Well Worth Checking Out

Hi Scott,
A fantastic documentary aired tonight in the UK on Channel 4 called The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family. It’s about a family who own a small wrestling promotion and academy.
The family’s daughter is FCW/NXT wrestler Paige, and shows her rise from wrestling in front of a few dozen people for her father’s promotion, to getting invited for a WWE trial all the way to moving out to the states and debuting in FCW. It also shows the family’s son and his struggle to achieve the same success as his sister. He has had a few WWE tryouts but was said to be underweight, although he did appear on Smackdown in a squash against Big Show.
It’s well worth watching and can be watched online at the following link:
Unsure if it can be accessed in Canada or US, if not its worth hunting for on youtube.

It cannot be accessed, sadly.  But I'll put it up for any viewers who can. Although the hilarious selection of other choices, like "My Daughter Is A Teenaged Nudist", make it seem like TLC reality series hell.  

GLOW: The Documentary

Am I wrong in considering Hollywood & Vine to be one of the great tag teams of the 80’s?

I can safely say yes.  Although really this documentary looks so softball that they probably won’t even question the motives of David McLane, probably because he had to sign off on it to get it made.  Still, might be fun, who knows.