Question about Hulk Hogans Divorce.

Hey, been a big fan since you and the Scotsman used to internet beef, man I miss that guys writing. 

Anyway, what the hell happened to Hogan in his divorce ? How the heck did he get taken to the cleaners so badly ? Did she get more than half, and if she did how is that even possible ?

​I don't know if the specifics were ever released publicly, actually.  I'm just a simple country chicken, but I suspect Hogan got caught screwing around or something along those lines.  Either way, he got hung to dry by the court for sure.  Anyone else know details?  ​

Cena Divorce finalized we won’t get a messy divorce to scar Cena’s public image and force the WWE to chance Cena’s character.
Though the divorce settlement is apparently sealed, I would assume Cena’s lawyers (with the WWE nagging Cena to make it go away) caved like Superman on laundry day? IE gave her a number above whatever the pre-nup said she would get and told her to take it or leave it and to their luck, she took it?

He was probably outnumbered in the courtroom and overcame the odds.