Flair and The Big Gold Bet distortion question.


A few questions regarding the distortion of Flair's Big Gold Belt on WWF TV in 1991.

1. When they first started distorting the belt on TV as part of the angle, he was still carrying the actual BGB in the arenas and during promos, right? They then swapped it for a different belt (I think one of the Tag Team Titles?) at some point later on, correct?

2. Specifically when was the BGB swapped for the Tag-team Title belt (or whatever belt they used)? Do we have any kind of date as to when the BGB was actually last used on WWF TV in 1991 and when the other title was used in its place?

I mean the whole point of the "Tunny orders the belt distorted" thing is that they no longer had access to the BGB because Flair had returned it to WCW after reaching a settlement with them, right?

Thanks in advance for any answers you or the readers might have. 

1.  Right, he was carrying it for a bit and then they actually made their own knockoff belt once they returned the real one to WCW.  It was kind of a cheesy thing that looked like a cross between the AWA inmate beltand the real Big Gold.  Not sure what photos are floating around, but they do exist.  And then I believe they got legal threats over THAT as well because they were kind of representing themselves as having possession of Big Gold when in fact they didn't, and at that point they switched to the tag title and killed the angle completely.

2.  It was pretty quick.  Flair came in around September and the BGB was gone by Survivor Series, right?