Just to clarify, the problem with Disqus today is not a moderator running rampant, it’s someone going through and flagging multiple posts, which then moved them into pending status. I went through the list and approved all the pending ones and turned off flagging for now to prevent any further nonsense from whatever douchebag had too much time on their hands today. Most importantly, Dougie was inconvenienced by this, and will not abide that.

I’ve also restored link posting because apparently none of you were actually going to stop posting links no matter how many times I said "Please don’t post links" so this is me giving up. If we start getting spammed again hardcore, you know where to put the blame. That’s right, Dougie.

Disqus v. Spam

I too have noticed the ridiculous amount of spam coming through Disqus lately and the various issues with it, so here's the deal thus far:
1.  I've set comments to require approval before anything with links in it get posted.  Necessary evil.
2.  Blogger has essentially locked out anyone but Facebook from doing external comment syncing at this point.  I'm grandfathered in because I set up Disqus back in 2012 when I created this version of the blog, but if I ever delete Disqus then I pretty much lose all the comments forever and I'd have to go with either Google's built-in commenting system or Facebook comments.  So for as troublesome as Disqus has been, there's not many viable alternatives.  
3.  I can't afford to switch back to WordPress, so don't even ask.  The blog is too popular and server costs would far exceed what I make on it.  
Basically, it's vitally important to keep flagging spam comments as spam when they pop up, because then Disqus will auto-delete them and learn.  I went through the dashboard and found another 40 or so spambots tonight that hadn't been flagged.  If it's spam, click on the little drop-down box on the right side of the comment and Mark As Spam!  It'll notify me and that way I can mass-delete anything from the spambot.  
Hope this helps.

Yeah, Disqus

I have no idea what's happening with Disqus and I've tweeted their helpdesk for assistance, but it seems to be happening to other Blogger sites using them as well.  Although apparently some people on this very site CAN access comments because they're showing up in the moderation panel here and there.  So I'm confused.  
Oddly, I can also access comments when I'm using the mobile version via 3G.  So I'm double confused.  

Anyone having trouble with Disqus?

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the mobile version of Disqus on their phones.  For some reason, lately I can only load Disqus on my phone if it's using the 2012 version, because otherwise it just hangs at the loading screen.  And it's not just the blog, it's also on the AVClub and a couple of other sites with the original mobile Disqus on it.  I've tried both the default Android internet app and Chrome and neither one works, and neither does loading the desktop version on the phone, so I'm getting kind of annoyed wondering what other troubleshooting I can do.  I've got a Samsung Galaxy S2X with Android 4.0.2 on it if anyone is technically minded enough to figure out what's going on here.  I tried tweeting at @disqushelp but they don't tend to be terribly helpful. 

Any ideas?

Disqus: The Final Battle

I’d love to have different versions of Disqus for different threads, but I can’t unless I set up a seperate Blogger account just for live threads.  And I’m not doing that.

So here it is, the poll to determine the fate of Disqus.  Whatever the majority says, I will go with once and for all.

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/6394484/”>Binding Disqus Poll, So Vote Carefully!</a>

Disqus and Twitter

You guys work pretty fast, as I hit 1000 Twitter followers this morning, so I'll do Money in the Bank later tonight after work.  

For those having trouble with the new Disqus interface (which seems to fix problems with posts not showing up in the right order, but presents other problems) try the tutorial on the main Disqus page:  http://www.disqus.com/   It's an interactive conversation between wacky historical figures!  I'll say I'm not a huge fan of the new system, but it seems to fix a lot of technical things that people were having trouble with and I'm willing to give it a try for a while.  Plus it runs way faster on my phone.  If everyone hates it I'll switch back again, but I'm pretty sure that Disqus wants everyone to switch over permanently soon, so be forewarned.