WWF Prime Time: Money Inc. vs. Natural Disasters

Everything about this match fascinates me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS3uUERV0ic

1) The announcing duo of Jim Ross & Bobby Heenan re-doing commentary at least 10 months after it happened for a Coliseum release.
2) JR making a Shockmaster joke – “Typhoon never trips, right Brain?”
3) JR going crazy on the referee
4) Brain residing on another planet with his commentary 
5) Earthquake playing the largest version of Ricky Morton in history and doing it extremely well
6) And then out of nowhere, a historic WWF Tag Team title change.

Hey now, spoilers, man.
I was pretty checked out of wrestling at this point and I never even saw the original title change, but the notion of the Natural Disasters as babyfaces was always a weird one for me.  Odd as it sounds, the internet scene really rekindled my passion for THIS BUSINESS again when I discovered it in 93.