WrestleMania Disaster

Has there been any other  WrestleMania that has had the opportunity to be such a disaster? Sure others such as IX and XI, weren't great, but they knew where they were headed going into the show. This year you just get the feeling they have no clue.  I've been a fan for over 30 years and for the first time ever, I have not one bit of interest in the show.

Hey, look, I've got no problem with the story being told or whatever.  I don't mind if the promotion picks a guy and says "Here's the guy, we're gonna push the shit out of him" as long as they can justify it with crowd reactions or numbers or SOMETHING.  I'm a wrestling fan, I know the deal.  That being said, Reigns has nothing.  He doesn't draw ratings, move house show numbers, sell merchandise, cut promos, or get great crowd reactions.  He's a guy that some people like, and some don't, and most don't really care about.  

As to the content of the e-mail, Wrestlemania 25 was really a show saved by the Undertaker-Shawn match because the rest was horseshit.  Edge/Cena/Show was nothing, HHH-Orton was a disaster that lost interest every week leading up to it, Jericho v. the old-timers was a total eye-rolling deal…it was just such a lackluster show for something that was supposed to be the 25th anniversary.  And I really wasn't feeling the UT-Shawn match, but it turned out so awesome that of course it's all that anyone remembers about it now.