Inspired by Chris Jericho's most recent run, how does it compare with the some of the most disappointing runs in WWE history, at least in the modern era (Hulkamania onward)
Ric Flair '92 – BY FAR the biggest star Mcmahon acquired to that point, but the run left a lot to be desired, most notably WM8 vs Hulk Hogan.
Ultimate Warrior '96 – biggest mis-match in terms of star power : financial/creative gain
Goldberg '03 – 2 years (at least) too late. If his debut had occured after WM X-7 in the same fashion but with the newly heel Austin on the recieving end it would have been HUGE, even if the WWF crowd would have turned Austin face again in about 5 minutes!
Nexus – Shoulda/Woulda/Coulda been big, but mis-managed.
Brock Lesnar '12 – He's pretty much just another 'rassler at this point as opposed to the biggest star in MMA.
There are numerous others of course…
Thank you kindly!

I don't think Jericho himself really wanted his latest run to be JERICHO'S BIG RETURN or anything.  I've heard that Vince came up with the trolling angle to start out, whereas Jericho's intentions were really just to put some people over and have fun with it.  So it's hard to classify it as a disappointment in some respects.  However, from the standpoint of the big return videos and hype about it, it was definitely disappointing seeing him go out there and kind of flail around aimlessly after the initial Punk run.  
Flair's initial run was mostly disappointing because after all the buildup, he just didn't fit in and I think everyone knew it.  He was Ric Flair alone among the rest of the WWF circus and he just didn't have anyone to play off.  
I think Goldberg is the biggest disappointment because fans waited two years to see him and they got this guy who was just collecting a payday and ended up the same victim of HHH like everyone else in the end.