QOTD #13: Disappointing Comebacks

The long weekend is almost here for my American brethren,
and if you’re already off for the rest of the week, then I hope you’re enjoying
it. We have had beautiful weather for the most part, with spots of rain here
and there, and as a result my backyard keeps sprouting unidentified weeds the
size of mature stallions. If this keeps up, the QOTD is going to be coming to
you from inside the mouth of a Venus fly trap.
Today’s Question:
Which highly anticipated
wrestler’s comeback was your biggest letdown once it played out?
We’ll check in with your answers tomorrow. If you want to
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Yesterday was our Off Topic Wednesday, and I asked you about
things you used to take for granted as a youngster that you no longer did. Let’s
see what you said.
Starscreamlive: Quiet time. Always hated it as a kid, but
now after teaching school all day and immediately afterwards coming home to
four of my own kids, well let’s just say that quiet moments are few and far
between. Now I understand truly that Silence is Golden.
If this was a game of Family Feud, then this was our #1 answer.
Sleep, quiet time, naps, resting. I can remember being in high school, and
staying up until all hours of the night watching one of the three or four
channels we were able to pick up with the antenna. It didn’t matter if I was
operating on less sleep than a speed addict; the fact was, I never wanted to go
to bed. My wife and I don’t have kids, so I can’t quite feel Starscreamlive’s
pain – but I know if I don’t get a good 8 hours of sleep, I’m a zombie the next
Adam “Colorado”
Oh, and to answer the
question, having a fridge and a huge pantry full of food that I didn’t have to
pay for. Now I have to run to the store every time I get hungry, I don’t really
drive and the nearest big supermarket is a long walk away, so stocking up isn’t
really practical for me.
David: My health; as a kid I could eat whatever I
want and not be fat. Now I have to exercise and eat right most of the time just
to not be fat
Couldn’t agree more. The majority of my employees are young,
and eat fast food for just about every meal, and I can’t pretend I didn’t do
the same. Unfortunately, I’m at the skinless chicken breast and salad era of my
life because things like “blood pressure” suddenly matter.
Devin Harris: Freedom! I used to spend summers as a young
lad doing jack and shit. I just want to go back to having nothing to do.
I work a late job, so I have a little more free time than
most folks, mostly because by the time I finish all my friends have been asleep
for hours. But I understand; it’s a pain in the ass to get together with some
of my closest friends just because something else is always on the go. This was
never a problem years ago.
DanimalCrossing: Lucas Arts point and click adventure games.
I just figured I’d be playing fun new Monkey Island adventures forever.
As someone who spent far too much time playing Zach
McCracken, I’m with you.
Jason Andreas: Being able to play football (or
“sawker” as you Americans call it) from the moment I got home from
school to the point it was too dark to see the ball. You’ve never truly lived
until you’ve played “any man save” rules in a 24-a-side game on a
halfsized pitch made of “ash” (grit, basically) in the middle of
winter with a Mitre Mouldmaster (like a medicine ball made of hard plastic and
without thr forgiveness). Used to go home with more cuts than Cactus Jack and a
chunk of my leg missing. Halcyon days of yore, indeed.
Biscuit!: Being able to quit a job I hate
That mortgage doesn’t pay itself, unfortunately.
Porn Peddlin’ Jef
Being young. I swore I wanted
to be an adult more that a kid, but now that I’ve experienced the world of rent
and student loans I’ll gladly go back and live off a part-time gig and watching
Teen Titans reruns.
Ts14: Less stigma for doing what you love. Comic
reading, video game playing, wrestling watching 15 year old: perfectly
acceptable. 40-something? WTF is wrong with you?
Without shame, I will happily watch a Saved by the Bell marathon
anytime, much to my wife’s disgust. But I get it – my boss recently found out I
still watch wrestling. He admitted he used to, but now “I prefer kissing girls”.
He was apparently unaware you can do both; just not at the same time since most
women won’t agree to be in the same room with the wrasslin’.
kbjone: Good television. Also, REAL country music.
Not this “pop country” bullshit polluting the airwaves.
At almost 35 I can still put in a day’s
labour, or a hard workout, just about as good as I ever could, but there was a
time that I could kill myself all day and then be like “ok, what’s
happening tonight?” Now the answer is not one single damn thing!
Michael Weyer: Your parents always being around. Treasure
that now as you and they grow older.
I’m going to take a variation on that as my answer today.
When I was a kid, I had a home cooked meal on the table at
home every single night. We rarely ate takeout or fast food, it was a very
specific “treat” when that happened and never more than a couple of times a
year. I used to feel ripped off by the fact we didn’t get more “treats”. Can
you imagine? I’d LOVE that kind of table service now. Cooking is one of my
passions, and I’ll happily spend an entire day smoking a brisket on my green
egg, but to have fantastic home cooked food every day would be an incredible
blessing that I didn’t realize I had until far later.
They took care of me throughout college, paying my tuition
and my apartment rent so that I would be able to study without worrying financially.
I was oblivious to the sacrifice that they made. My wife and I make an income
likely not far off from what they were bringing in at that stage of their
lives, and I can tell you, making that kind of commitment to anyone would put
us in the poor house. And, it definitely crippled them financially. They didn’t
care. They wanted to see me succeed.
There are probably hundreds of other little things I could
point to. But it’s what a parent does. Someday, I’ll know too – and I likely
won’t give a damn about how it affects the bottom line either, because the kids
always come first. I learned from the best.
Have a great day, and I’ll be back tomorrow on Joey Chestnut
Day. Cheers BoD!

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This is really disappointing because I was hoping that with all the publicity that the meltdown thread would be ranking in the all-time list by now.  Once again showing that he's just not an A+ player.

Most Disappointing WM?

The question is: What is
the most disappointing WM that you remember seeing live? Obviously, that means
you cannot pick WM 1 if you weren’t born until 1992. 

My selection is a no
brainer, Wrestlemania 27. I was really looking forward to this show, and it
ended up being just utter garbage. Most of the matches had strong build going
into the event. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole had an extremely heated feud that
felt straight out of Memphis. Randy Orton and CM Punk had a good narrative
going, in which Orton went through all of Nexus until the leader was the only
one remaining. Undertaker and Triple H had a gigantic showdown vibe to it. Cody
Rhodes was awesome in his feud against Rey. And the Rock made his homecoming
and said things about Cena that nobody thought WWE would allow anyone to say.

Edge and Del Rio’s World Heavyweight title bout ended up certain-jerking after
a pointless as well as long-winded Rock promo that did not translate well onto
TV. They had a fine match, but it about Smackdown standards at best. Plus, this
appeared to be Del Rio’s breakout moment, but ended up being one of the worst nights
of his career. Not only did he lose the match, Edge and Christian vandalized
his car, too.
Rhodes and Mysterio had
a match that bored the death out of the crowd and myself. Back-to-back matches
that were more suited for Smackdown.
CM Punk and Orton had
possibly the best match of the night, but it still came across a bit soft and light
hitting for a feud that was heated.
Jerry Lawler and Michael
Cole put the nail into the coffin by killing the entire arena. Lawler should
have delivered a few moves, did some spots that humiliated Cole, and then hit
the pile driver to end it. Instead, Cole was performing terrible looking
offense to Lawler, who sadly had to sell it, and the heel that bullied the
babyface for months leading up to this ended up having the last laugh. Out of all the Wrestlemania’s I’ve seen, this left the second biggest
sour taste in my mouth, with HHH going over Booker T being number one of
HHH and Undertaker had a
disjointed match that had five minutes of slow build, no middle, and then
shifted into 20-something minutes of fabricated drama, filled with finishers,
near-falls off the finishers, hitting each other’s finishes, and all that forced
drama bullshit. It was not bad per se, but it did come off disjointed and tried
to force its “epicness” down our throats. And they ended up having a much
better structured match the following year.
And then the main event
was a total disaster. The Miz actually developed a great heel persona leading
up to this, but he wasn’t good enough in the ring to put on a long Wrestlemania
quality main event match, and Cena wasn’t the guy that could disguise his imperfections.
They wrestled for about 15 minutes and nobody cared. They did a double count
out finish, which made both wrestlers look pathetic. Rock restarted the match
only to screw Cena and then killed Miz’s heat by beating him up as well.
There you have it, the
night where I thought WWE’s booking committee and road-agents lost their minds.

I’m curious to see if anyone saw an earlier WM that they were looking forward to and it ended up being the drizzled shits.