Giving it away in a different sense

> Hey Scott!
> Who would you say are/were the worst guys when it comes to not keeping face/letting their body language reveal that they are not winning a certain match? I seem to recall HBK and Jarrett being two examples, but perhaps there are others.
> And for fun let's reverse it: can't keep it in that they are winning.
> Keep on keeping on!
If there's anyone with a more blatant grumpy job-face than Randy Orton, I haven't seen him.

And Now For Something Completely Different.

I am a New York Yankees fan living in Boston. That in and of itself is a mitzfah. I write a bunch on baseball. This seems relevant. By the way, your Blue Jays roster is loaded with talent. Lets see where they end up, and don't be surprised to see the Yankees finish DFL. ( For the uninformed, DFL would be dead fucking last.) 

Honestly, I stopped watching baseball altogether once Delgado got traded to the Marlins, so I haven't really been paying attention to the offseason stuff aside from TSN being all "Holy cow, the Jays might not suck this year!" once they did that blockbuster trade.  However, the Yankees finishing in dead last is always awesome.  You know, back in the 80s when I did watch baseball every day after school and Steinbrenner was banned from the sport, the Yankees being terrible was a regular occurrence.  

Maybe a different angle?

Hey Scott,

I hate myself for this, but what happens if the 1997 Hart Foundation continues? The pro-Canadian/anti-American angle was  some of the best TV the WWE has ever done, and I just wonder what would have happened to that group if the events that transpired never occured… In short, without the Montreal screwjob and the other obvious issues, how would the pro-Canada/anti-USA Hart Foundation angle ended?

PS: Honestly, I've heard stories about a hair-pulling incident, but that aside, as a pretty decorated amateur wrestler, couldn't Bret Hart destroy Shawn Michaels in an actual fight?

PPS: Ricky Steamboat vs Tito Santana: Who is the better worker and is it close?

1.  Steve Austin beating Bret Hart to win the World title at Wrestlemania was always the destination.  Basically the Harts would have replaced D-X's role in the show, I imagine, and then the group would have splintered for good.  Makes sense.

2.  Wrestling and street fighting are two totally different things.  The early UFCs showed that even an elite wrestler like Dan Severn could only do so much in that environment.  Bret was never known as a tough guy, which is one reason why they were able to execute the screwjob on him.  
3.  Steamboat, and no, it's not even close.  

A Different Kind of Plot Twist

Hey Scott,

I just noticed that WWE posted a video from back in 2000 when Cyrus "cancelled" ECW from the Network.  That got me thinking.  Wouldn't that be a great plot for the current state of Raw?  I mean we all know that Vince is getting frustrated with the ratings and he could turn it into an angle.  Have say on the next Raw, the main event end (just for the sake of it, make the match Cena vs. Dolph) and then cut to the announce table where a stunned Michael Cole says we have footage that we would like everyone to see.  Then it cuts to the never seen "Gorilla Position" showing McMahon with his headset on.  A guy in a suit comes up and says to Vince that USA is cancelling Raw.  This leaves a cliffhanger for the next week's Raw, where it can be announced that the WWE has until the end of the year to increase ratings and make the network happy.  Vince can go all crazy and start firing people left and right and doing other stuff to try to keep Raw on the air.  At the end of the year, the network executive announces that Raw will be cancelled and a the final show would be next week.  Have a big "Tribute to Raw" show and make it look like this is the end of an era.  Then at the end of the show, have Vince in the ring thanking the WWE Universe for over 1,000 shows of Raw.  Then, the executive comes down and then announces that the network had a last minute change of heart.  Raw will be able to continue on USA under on condition.  And that McMahon hires the person that USA wants in charge of Raw as General Manager and that this person cannot be fired by Vince.  Vince of course agrees as he doesn't want to see Raw end and then the executive announces that new General Manager of Raw is…Paul Heyman.
This can then work on many levels.  Paul can then announce that Raw will be going back to two hours, Brock Lesnar will be announced as returning to take part in the Royal Rumble match, and can increase Punk's heat heading into the Rumble match against Rock.
I don't know, that's just one man's thought on something to make the show interesting again.

I really don't think that telling the audience that your show is terrible and on the verge of cancellation is a really great way to make the audience want to watch it again.  Plus it would add yet ANOTHER layer of figurehead to the already convoluted power structure.  Sorry, no buys here.