Not making a difference in the HOF?

What's your opinion on Rikishi's Hall of Fame induction? Yes? No? 

I think he is deserving. Aside from the Rikishi run, he's had a long, successful career as a member of the Samoan Swat Team, the Headshrinkers, and as "Makin' a Difference" Fatu and the Sultan (Ok, maybe we can omit "successful" from the last two).

However, what I find interesting is his HOF induction video package mentions none of these. I presume this will be corrected during the HOF ceremony.

However, if it isn't, are we to assume it's the character getting inducted and not the wrestler? Is "Rikisihi" alone worthy of a HOF induction? As well, if they are going to go down this road of inducting the character/gimmick, should we begin a write-in campaign to have Rick Bognar accept the induction for the Razor Ramon character? He was the last person to play it, after all.

I have no strong opinions on the Rikishi induction, although I agree it's weird that they're specifically inducting the character and not the person.  It kinds of makes a stronger case if you add in Samoan Swat Team, but given the "Everything that happened in the Attitude era s--- bricks of gold and pissed money" brainwashing we've been getting as of late, it makes sense.