HHH: Diabolical Genius

Not really news that HHH is the smartest guy in the room, but dig this bit of psychological evilness from the new WON:
"The general rule HHH has is that he wants to be training guys either from scratch, or getting younger guys with the right look and size, with all the money they’ve spent on developmental, and get them before they make names on the indie scene. Even though their doctrine today would mean Punk and Bryan, two of their three current most over stars, would have a hard time getting in the door. The feeling is the guys who work indies and travel and have somewhat of a name have bad habits, and if they are at the higher level, if they sign them and even if they agree to take the pay cut to WWE entry level, that they won’t be happy over the long haul, It was also said they don’t want guys who know they can get fired and go back and be successful without WWE. They want guys with the impression that their careers in wrestling depend on making it in WWE."
Emphasis on the last line from me.  That's BRILLIANT, dictator-level indoctrination brainwashing shit there.  You have to respect that a little bit, honestly.  Sucks for the indy guys with actual passion for the business who want to learn a different style, but holy crap is that some evil genius gameplaying.  That's why he's worth millions, I guess.